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We created Softwarelint to share our passion and love for technology with the world. The team consists of members from all over the world, all experts in a different field. This allows us to provide both expert and professional user reviews for our audience.

With the always growing audience we are searching for new partners so we could even further improve the quality of our reviews and news.

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Deep Singhal


Deep Singhal is an up and coming web designer and software developer based in Meerut, India. At a very young age, Deep already established a vision to create a website that will cater to the needs of people in this technology-driven world. As the CEO and Main Developer of the website, Deep is the heart and soul of Softwarelint. He makes everything tick, from the smallest detail to the longterm goals of Softwarelint. Deep Singhal is fully committed to Softwarelint. With a supportive staff and with him leading the way, Softwarelint’s future is brighter than sunshine.

From: India

Tanya Selyutina

(Chief Adviser)


Tanya Selyutina has been involved with Softwarelint since its launch stepping into the Adviser role in 2011, Recently She works as Web marketer at uCoz (Moscow City, Russia)

From: Russia


Aki Eniego

(Head Writer/Editor-in-Chief/Adviser)


Aki Eniego is a writer for Softwarelint. Aside from his passion in writing, he is also a school Disc Jockey and a TV Show and Film Producer.He takes pride in his talent in writing as he is currently writing for Softwarelint and other online clients.

From: Philippines


Soumya Ranjan Bishi

(Graphic Designer/Web developer/Uploader)

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Soumya Ranjan Bishi is one of Softwarelint’s Graphic Designers. Soumya is an avid computer and internet user. He devotes his time in front of the computer in improving his skills in graphic design and learning new things. Aside from graphic design, Soumya is also well-equipped in Web Designing, specifically with WordPress.

From: India

Chris-Erik Fotland

(Writer/Game Reviewer)

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Chris-Erik Fotland is newly appointed staff member as a Game Reviewer and writer on Softwarelint Board. Since his appearance in the beginning of December. Softwarelint has improved its design of articles and also been improved in writing. Thanks to him the website is getting a new look, both in articles and in the passionate texts he write. Chris-Erik Fotland has also been in several solo projects, creating both websites and designing them for others.

From: Norway

Sven Luiv


myphoto About Us


Sven Luiv is a writer for Softwarelint. He is a freelance writer who has teamed up with Softwarelint to give the viewers quality reviews and articles.

From: Estonia

Claudio Pozzer

(SEO Expert)

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Claudio Pozzer is a SEO expert for Softwarelint. With experience in SEO and Internet marketing he provides valuable support to Softwarelint.

From: Italy