Technology is developing quickly in the modern works and the common users often feel overwhelmed with the amount of information they receive every day. To help people deal with all the changes in the technology world we created Softwarelint. Softwarelint is a rapidly growing community that provides its users quality information about the news in the technology world. We offer quality news and reviews on a wide variety of subjects that cover smartphones, games, smartphone apps, software and hardware. Softwarelint is the perfect site to find people who are interested in smartphones and in technology in general. Our professional writers are providing quality suggestions and reviews to our audience and helping them to decide on what to purchase. All the reviews are both professional yet simple enough for everyone to understand.


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Softwarelint audience consists of people from all over the world but all of who are united by common interests and passion for technology. Our site is the prefect place to reach out to people who love technology. The audience ranges from common users to technical engineers and developers. A large amount of the people visiting us are looking to buy new phones and smartphone apps.

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