In the world for the iPhone Iphone app Store and simply Google Participate in, apps are getting counted around the hundreds of thousands. Microsoft’s strong alternative isn’t quite there nevertheless, but it is having modest or continuous growth. The Glass Phone archive of blog have ran to quite 70,500, the latest milestone announced basically by Microsoft. The corporate said about January which app basis had realized 60,000 titles.

So in December, Microsoft windows bragged with reference to having 10,000 purposes, around twelve month after Computers Phone was basically launched. Usually now, 280 new apps are added to your Windows Device Marketplace frequently. What’s interesting, if, is that there exists 100,500 registered programmers for Window panes Phone. That means there are more those who are able to result in apps in comparison with have really created blog, a statistic Microsoft will no doubt desire reverse.

It goes without saying, the Car windows Phone Promote still has mile after mile to go until it can rightfully stand up with the offerings caused by Android in addition to iOS. Microsoft seems to have, however, said that it truly wants turn all the app segment on his / her head, more or less touting the content that high is better than amount of money. After all, could certainly the average person really tell the difference anywhere between 400,Thousand and 1000,000 programs? Heck, would the average user even notice a difference as long as it’s 70,Thousand apps rather than 500,Thousand apps?

[via Unwired View]