Hello Softwarelint readers. You may already seen many leaked iPhone 5 photos. But after all we found some uncovered pics from ilab factory . Ilab factory is an repair shop deals with all apple products repairs and services. We found spy shot from ilab of a new upcoming amazing apple product iPhone 5.

After seen these pics i would really not appreciate a new hardware design as its is as similar to iPhone 4 and 4s but its seems more stronger then earlier generation. As they replace the glass with an perfect strong casing material.

Dock port seems to be very small comparable to earlier generation which may be good for many and but probably its not good for an old apple users as they are going to be good with and earlier dock ports, Large dock port are necessarily required on every apple product as other apple accessories companies do build hardware according to standard dock port.

As in photos we can see that 3.5 mm audio jack is shifted to downward of an new hardware which is pretty good. While doing facechat and video call may lead not comes in front of a face camera as they shifted port down the hardware.

We are still in doubt that is this an real iPhone 5 ? . Most probably if apple launched iPhone 5 with this new hardware interface. User may not gonna change there earlier iPhone with it , As iPhone 4 and 4S looks better and glossy comparable to this one.  I would like you to leave comments on what you think about an unconfirmed iPhone 5.