Bingo games are quite interesting to play online either for fun or to win awesome prices. The games are common in many areas of the world and are currently hosted by multitude of sites. The sites differ with the way the games operates, the customer service, the promotions, the bonuses and other factors. Even the prices if you want to play the game for money. If you want to play it for fun, there are still some sites as well that requires no deposit to play for free.

How to choose the online sites for bingo game?

It is the responsibility of the player to choose the game sites that is reliable and reputable to play. There are many sites indeed. In Australia, helps with the right of choice of bingo online sites. The website of this organization is bingo australia which is helpful in choosing the sites.

The games sites are ranked on various bases. The factors of consideration are the customer service, the bonuses, the promotions, the simplicity of user interface and the reputation and experience of the site. These ranks ensure that the game played is indeed safe and fun for online players. The site serves the purpose of educating players and informing them about the reliable sites to play for. If playing for money or for free, the site accommodates that.

How many types of bingo game?

The game is available as 75 ball, 90 ball and progressive jackpots. With progressive jackpots, the more one players joins the network of games, the pot progressively increases until one player wins all. With the 75 ball game, it is played on a card which consists of 27 squares made of 5 rows and 5 columns. Each of the 25 squares is numbered with numbers from 1 to 75 and that is why it is called the 75 ball game. To win the game, the player need to cover the line vertically, diagonally or horizontally or alternatively, comply with a certain pattern.

On the other hand, the 90 ball game consists of a card of 27 squares. Have 3 horizontal rows with 9 vertical columns. There are 5 numbers in the rows and 15 squares that are numbered. There are 12 squares which are not numbered. The 90 ball game has three stages whereby stage one is played by covering up the 5 numbers in a horizontal row, the stage 2 is played by covering up the horizontal rows of 5 numbers each and stage 3 covers the remaining 3 rows with 5 numbers each. The speed of this game is relatively faster than the 75 ball game. Find more about the games on and bingo on facebook.

How to download the game?

The game can be downloaded from Google play store if you’re using an Android smartphone. The important thing to note is the site with which you want to download and play the game. You may download the game on bingo Google play page.


  • The bingo game is quite gratifying and affordable to play.

  • You can play it for free

  • It is downloadable in Google play store and therefore compatible with Android smartphones


  • If you want to win real money, you will have to make deposits with reputable sites

Bingo game is the eye-catching game that can be played for free or at low cost on mobile phones. Follow the info given in this article to choose the relevant site and download the game depending on your purpose of playing.