Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Review  – The most discussed Operating system these last months. Given both negative feedback of it’s design and navigation, but also alot of positive feedback to it’s new beautiful look. Windows 8 Pro might be difficult to use – but when you get the hang of it, it’s amazing!

Microsoft Windows 8  Pro  Review – Windows at it’s finest!

I. Introduction
The metro menu of Windows 8 Pro is just beautiful. For many people it might be hard to navigate, since it’s so new. And more proffesional created than Windows 7 was. Windows 8 Pro is more aimed for those with good skills within Windows and that daily use the pc for big things. Metro is the hard part. The good thing is, that you actually don’t need to use the menu seen above in the picture – if you don’t want if you feel the need to use the old windows 7 desktop, this is actually possible. The picture under is shown just like Windows 7, same setup, the screenshot is taken using windows 8.

microsoft windows 8 pro

I might be a game review for this site mostly, but i’m also listed as a writer of other reviews and articles. Microsoft Windows 8 is an area i’m well known to, all of the Windows OS. Windows 8 Pro is the best till now. But there are some bad things with with this OS, it’s crap for gamers. So to all the gamers out there; Stick to windows 7!! That’s the only advice i have, if you quit gaming and use the pc for things that doesn’t include gaming – than Microsoft Windows 8 might be perfect for you.


II. Bullet list with goods and bads
I will be posting a little self-made list below, with the good and the bad things about Windows 8. Might be many more than i’ve writte down, but these are the first appearing in my head.

Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Conclusion


  • Windows 8 Pro was really not created for gamers. Stick to windows 7.
  • Many people might find the metro menu confusing, it takes a lot of time to get into it.
  • Changing the computers settings using metro might be irritating and hard.



  • Beautiful and smooth design.
  • Metro is amazing for those that gets used to it easily.
  • Thousands of Windows 8 Pro Metro apps available at Windows App store.


microsoft windows 8 pro

I apolegize for the unknown language – it’s norwegian. But there are several other languages available out there. Just enjoy the design and the look.

microsoft windows 8 pro

III. The Conclusion
I’ve said the great and the bad things about this OS. Now i’m gonna move forward to my own personal conclusion. How i judge the OS and what rank i’m gonna give it. Also watch the Video review in this article and hear me going more into details and showing off more of the features in the OS. I know it’s on norwegian, but i will do a rough transelation while going through some of the amazing this Windows have put togheter in this great modern operating system. For me i think Windows 8 Pro is amazing, and a brand new insight in beautiful technology up-to-date. I’m honored to rank this OS as a solid +6. So you guys should really check out Windows 8 Pro to see if this is the perfect OS for you!