Beautiful apps!

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It is a true, yet very deep saying. Our eyes can see the beauty of this world. Without it, the world will be a dull and dark place. What’s really great is that there are things in this world which makes our eyes happy. Beautiful scenery, beautiful women, and of course, beautiful apps!

Softwarelint makes sure that you get the best apps for your mobile phone, may it be android or iPhone. This is why every time we find an amazing app, we immediately share it with all of you guys. Here’s our latest find… MXHome Launcher!

What is MXHome Launcher?

It is a launcher application that specializes in 3D effects. It is powered by a Coffee theme which gives a chill and relaxing feel. Everyone loves to see 3D effects. Whether you are watching a Star Wars movie, or hooked watching Toy Story with your younger siblings, 3D effects are something to always watch out for.

MXHome Launcher is a very promising app which is trying to climb up to the ranks of the other launcher apps. What separates MXHome Launcher from the others is that it gives a “youth oriented” approach. The younger generation can surely relate to this app. But that doesn’t mean that people on 30 and above can’t enjoy MXHome Launcher. In fact, everyone will find this app as a very pleasant diamond to the eyes.

Who doesn’t enjoy a cup of coffee? People nowadays flock coffee shops like Starbucks just to chill. MX Home Launcher’s theme fits the bill perfectly whenever you are in a coffee shop. This is why the app is attractive to people of all ages.

Here are some Major Features of MXHome Launcher:

▪ Dynamic 3D G-sensor movement

▪ Various graphic & sound effects

▪ Coffee bean poping-out effect by shake

▪ 3D water bubble background effect

▪ Shortcuts for 8 major App.’s

▪ Control tray

[Battery, Wi-Fi, BT & sound]

Now you might be wondering how much it would cost you to experience this great app… Softwarelint is proud to tell you that this app can be had for NOTHING! Yes, it’s free. And it works on android versions 2.1and above. It supports HVGA (320×480) WVGA (480×800) & QHD (540×960).

MXHome Launcher is without a doubt a hot app right now. Who wouldn’t want amazing 3D effects as their desktop decoration? You should hurry up and download this app right now. If you’re one of those people who want to be a pioneer and start a trend, you should download this immediately. Many people have started to use this on their android phones. Don’t get left behind!

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MXHome Launcher is full of promise. We know you are a curious customer, and you want only the best apps on your android phones. This is why Softwarelint wants to make it clear that MXHome Launcher app delivers its promise!

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