There are many reasons why we may want to know what someone is doing with their cell phone. These reasons could vary from a potential partner who we believe is cheating, a business associate who may be using underhand tactics, or even to keep track of what your child is doing and where they are at all times. Netspy Mobile is a piece of tracking software that allows you to monitor set cell phones, but just how good is it and does it actually work?

To determine how good Netspy Mobile actually is we need to first of all look at the features that are available and what you will see is that it does cover everything that you could do with your cell phone. This tracking software will allow you to read every SMS that is both sent as well as received, get detailed reports on all of the calls, check any multimedia file that is being sent or received, track the location of the cell phone via GPS, track Internet usage, instant messaging, contacts, notes being made, and even applications being used. Thanks to this piece of software there is nothing you will not know about that cell phone.



The question now is, how easy is it to work and how do you do it? The hardest part is actually getting it to track the cell phone in the first place, but as long as you can get access to the phone you are going to target it then becomes a case of installing the software which then remains hidden to the user. After this, you then log into your account online and can view what is going on via your control panel and there really is nothing complicated about it. The people behind Netspy Mobile have done a fantastic job of making everything as simple as possible with the data being displayed in a clear manner making it easy for you to follow what is going on.

So does it work?

The answer to this is that yes it does and it really is impossible for the other person to know that their phone is being monitored in this way. This software can be used on virtually any type of cell phone from the iPhone to Android, Blackberry and all kinds of brand names as well, so there really should be no compatibility issues. You will see data appearing in real-time and will know what is going on at that very instant and you will certainly be amazed at what can be achieved just by installing this cell phone spyware.

If you have the need to monitor a person do yourself a favor and go for the best and most comprehensive cell phone tracker in the business and see what Netspy Mobile can do for you. This software works brilliantly, it is easy to install, easy for you to monitor what is happening, and it will undoubtedly give you answers to all of the questions you have regarding that cell phone and it really will give you that peace of mind you were looking for.