Sony delivers Aluminium body, bright screen and a good camera for a reasonable price.

Sony Xperia P Review – Finaly, Sony does everything right

Sony Xperia P is the best i’ve seen so far. An amazing phone with the android system i’ve always loved. This phone really delivers, and thats the goal i want to see when companys make their Smartphones. I’ve always loved the Android OS and Sony also looks pretty nice with this OS; in other words, im not complaining.

Awesome Display
The display is extremely bright, with Sonys new technology – WhiteMagic. Regular LCD-displays has pixels with subsections in red, blue and green. What Sony likes to call WhiteMagic is an LCD-Display where in addition there are added a white paragraph.


  • Amazing display
  • Some distinctive design
  • Camera button
  • Fast
  • Good buildt quality
  • Fantastic menus



  • Not the newest version of Android OS


Beautiful screen resolution
The display on Xperia P measures 4 inces! That’s less than on smartphones like Xperia S (4,3 inches), at the same time it’s bigger than iPhone 4 (3,5 inches). We experience the screen size as good, and the resolution on 540 x 960 points gives high enough density, and the picture does appear as razor sharp. The screen itself is pretty capacitive, that means that it’s enough for you to touch it, you don’t need to press. It does also mean that you can’t operate the smartphone’s interface with ordinary gloves, you will need to use special gloves or a special pen.

What?!? Old OS?!
The OS for the Xperia P, is Android 2.3.7, and also known as Gingerbread. An current update to Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) will be in June, But in the moment of writting we still haven’t seen anything to it yet. A few of the points we point out in this article will naturrally enough maybe change when the smartphone gets a new operating system.

Many visible screws
On the right side of the phone has three keys, a srew and a speaker grill. At the top button is the power switch, while at the bottom there is a camera button. This button starting the camera is not very fast, but in any case faster than on most other smartphones.