Stack, stack, and stack!

Stack, stack, and stack! Here at Softwarelint, we can never have enough of this stacking game! Honestly, I am hooked. Stone Stacker is definitely one of the best android games that you can find in the android market.

There is a saying that “You get what you pay for”. If you’re looking for a free android app, then this isn’t for you. Now, if you don’t mind spending a very tiny amount for one of the best android app games of this generation (seriously!), stop being stingy and spend for Stone Stacker!

The game is so addictive… Forget Tetris Battle; Stone Stacker is the real deal. It brings the old feel of an arcade game (because it is one). Kids and big kids (like me) will enjoy this game. Stone Stacker doesn’t choose any age group to satisfy. Anyone can have a great time playing this awesome game.

What makes Stone Stacker so special is its challenging gameplay. It is fun and exciting, but challenging and frustrating (at times) at the same time. You need an exceptional skill in precision to succeed in this game. Stacking isn’t as easy as you think! It is always hard to defy the law of physics and gravity.

Stone Stacker’s Graphics 

Stone Stacker’s Graphics are amazing. Its unique and cute graphics is another thing to get excited about. There are plenty of android apps with mediocre graphics making it big in the market. Stone Stacker deserves to sit atop the Android Gaming World!


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It has four episodes: spring, summer, autumn and winter. With 60 levels that increases complexity every level, Stone Stacker wants to challenge the inner-gamer in you! Despite the difficulty, the gameplay is really simple. All you have to do is to position the stones which come in different sizes and shapes perfectly in the stack to maintain balance. As you stack every stone, it gets more difficult! If the stones aren’t accurately placed, the stack will start to wobble and eventually topple over.

Here is a quick rundown on how to play Stone Stacker:

·         Draw the stones down with your finger

·         Place them on other stones to build your stack

·         Pay attention to the balance and ensure that the stacks are stable

·         Move to the next level once the timer ends/when the stones get frozen


Stone Stacker’s gameplay

Stone Stacker’s gameplay is intriguing. As a gamer, you always want the perfect blend between “challenging” and “fun”. This android app fills the bill perfectly. Stone Stacker is very easy to play, but equally difficult to master. It is addictive because it is fast-paced and fun-filled. There is always the need to stack the stones perfectly. Your patience and precision will be tested in this game.

Are you ready to take on the Stone Stacker challenge? Softwarelint gave it a try; it’s time for you to do the same!


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