Have you ever been in trouble during class because your phone suddenly rang? If not, you’re in luck. There are actually hundreds of students daily (worldwide) who get an earful from their professors because their mobile phones ring in the middle of a discussion. Some even get suspended… Do you want to be one of those poor students? Don’t worry… Softwarelint won’t let that happen! Which is why we bring to you one of the coolest android apps to date:SHUT UP!


Relax, we’re not telling you to Shut Up… That’s actually the name of the app. Interesting right? Here’s what Shut Up is all about:

Simple app

Shut Up is a really simple app. It gives you the power to quickly switch between Silent mode, Vibrate, or Sound. All of these in just one press! Gone are the days where you need to go to your phone’s menus, search for the settings, yada yada yada!

With Shut Up, everything is just one tap or press or click away! Just like in class; when you get pissed at an annoying classmate and you just simply tell him to SHUT UP. Chances are, he does because of fear. In this case, you don’t need to intimidate your android phone. Put your phone in silent mode with just one press! This guarantees you of a stress-free day in school or in Church.

Available for free

Shut Up can be downloaded for free. It’s only 56 kb so there won’t be any size issues here. It works on any android version 2.1 and above. Now if you’re wondering how this all works. Here’s how to add the Shut Up widget:

How to get to widget

To add widget press: Home->Menu->Add->Widgets->Shut Up Widget

There’s no more reason to think about how this app will be beneficial to you. The writing is on the wall! Shut Up is a perfect app for anyone. No matter how old you are, and no matter what you do in life; Shut Up will always come in handy! Go from Silent mode, to Vibrate mode, to Sound mode in just a matter of milliseconds!

Don’t be deceived by its name. Softwarelint has already proven that Shut Up means no harm. We love this app, and so should you! Download this now, okay?

android market logo Tell your android phone to Shut Up!

Stop thinking… stop mumbling… just SHUT UP!