It turns out that Google Play was not a tablet after all. Sure, Google may still be working on a ‘Nexus’-type tablet, but it certainly won’t be called Google Play. The company has recently registered a bunch of domain names related to the Google Play brand, so we all thought it was getting ready to announce a new tablet.

Instead, Google was gearing up to discontinue the Android Market. Don’t panic – all the content is still there. Apps, movies, music (the last two of those in select markets only, just as before). It’s just that the central hub in which you can find all of these is now called Google Play.

Google Play has even swallowed up Google Music and the Google eBookstore – every content bit that Google sells or rents out is now under the same roof.

Unfortunately or not, aside from the new name, everything is still the same. There are no new big things that have entered Google Play (yet?). However, the company is announcing a new promotion called the “7 Days to Play” sale. For each of the next seven days you’ll be able to get a different album, book, video rental, and Android app at a special price.

Over the coming days, the Android Market on your Android phone or tablet will be automatically upgraded to receive the new branding. Google Play is now live on the Web.