Most people are struggling to figure out if Microsoft Windows 8 is right for them, this post should clear things out, do read on:

Microsoft is actually titling the release of Windows 8 as “best release of Windows ever.” With high praise like this obviously, people are dying to find out if this operating system really works as well as it claims. Well we can give you more information so you can decide for yourself whether Microsoft Windows 8 is the right operating system for you.

The first thing you want to know are the features right? Well Windows 8 comes with the unique Start screen pinning system which you can use to make websites work a lot like apps. Another feature you might like, are the wonderful Weather, Sports and Finance apps provided by Microsoft and powered by Bing. Skype has also been integrated into the Windows 8 OS.

There is an application titled Smartglass which can be used in accordance with the XBox gaming console. With Smartglass you have the ability to order movies and play them on your TV screens while having complete control over playback options. Windows Store is another feature (coming soon) which means developers are already busy designing new apps for the consumer.

For business users there is good news in the making because Windows 8 is going to be available on just about every PC machine they already own and new ones being manufactured by top brands like Samsung and Dell. Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro are the versions of Windows 8 available. You can also make your PC serve as a DVR with the Media Center functionality options with Windows 8 Pro.

But what does all that mean for you?

Well for one thing, Apple is definitely going to get some tough competition from this OS. If you think about how this system unifies computers, tablets and smartphones, it is a brilliant approach. This is the one way Windows 8 is unique. The Windows 8 Metro interface is already quite popular and consumers can simply access the Metro view on their machines or keep the familiar desktop view if they want.

Windows Phone Devices already have a touch system and in a way the Windows 8 touch keyboards seems like a more upgraded version of that. Windows 8 is designed to work on touchscreen tablets and ARM-based processors which means that it doesn’t matter if you own an Intel based device or an AMD or ARM processor based device, Windows 8 will work on them all.

The App Store is constantly growing with Win32 apps and Metro-style apps, probably giving App Store a run for their money. Charms is a set of five menu options in this OS which provides users with brand new ways to have a smarter system. The system is also designed to boot up in less than 8 seconds which means your device will now be booting a lot faster than it used to.

The idea behind Windows 8 was to create an operating system which not only provides services across Windows 8 devices but also makes the system run faster and give you better options than you have ever had before. Considering that Microsoft has gone to such lengths to provide all these features to their consumers, Windows 8 definitely becomes a versatile OS that you may consider purchasing.

This post is contributed to Softwarelint by Deepak who is a technical enthusiast and part time blogger for Tech Support Heroes.