Have you ever dreamt about your personal Virtual assistant that makes everything for you? if you did then 3D Pal app is right for you. This magnificent app was developed by Indoirish Softsol a leading developer of mobile applications. App was developed with ease of use in mind & recently released on the Google Play. It is available for Download worldwide. Designed to make user’s everyday life more convenient 3D Pal offers a wide range of extremely useful features .

This mobile utility was created to give Android users, businessmen, students – and everyone in between – the power to give tasks to your personal mobile assistant.

Flexibly functional, 3D Pal helps users overcome the challenges they face each day by doing all the leg work for them. Users can organize their day and give tasks for their virtual assistant like update their Facebook status, check the latest finance news, and much more they want to without any restrictions. App features quite friendly design and easy to master app controls. One of the most incredible feature is the personalization one. Users are free to choose any picture or photo of a person to become their personal assistant.

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You can easily set up Barack Obama, Jennifer Lopez or your best friend. App shines in personalization features and it seems absolutely realistic. To allow for more flexible exporting main Social networks integration has been introduced, while users can easily open any web page on-demand as well. Just ask your assistant. 3D Pal is now more polished and in-depth than any virtual assistant app ever before. Users are able to customize their Virtual assistant, give different commands, and get the replies and required info within seconds. Get a helping hand next time you need to check the route, latest news or get the right direction with 3D Pal today!

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