Hello, Softwarelint readers again! The Share Where app widget can be found on the home screen of your device and lets you send messages or any contents with friends and other contacts easily using email, SMS or any apps by just clicking or tapping the application widget.  Your location will also be made visible together with the message you’ve shared because the Share Where widget is basically linked to the Google maps app. Furthermore, it can keep records of personal contacts so that you can immediately send a message with favorite links to your friends. It is a convenient way of sending and sharing quickly from the widget, without actually going to a particular app and real convenient because notifications can be seen on your widgets right on your home screen. However, if you wish to hide your location, it won’t take a minute to disable the location information and use it as a message widget instead. The widget can be a simple tool yet it can play a very significant role in your gadgets and phones.

Determining Actual Location

The App can accurately determine the user’s actual location through Global Positioning System (GPS) or Network location sources such as cell site towers and a WiFi network. The location services which are available on your gadgets should always be turned on for easy access. This is more appropriate especially for those people who usually travel and change locations frequently because of their jobs.  They can immediately update their location with friends, family and colleagues using the Share Where widget.

The Share Where Widgets

Widgets are actually shortcuts that enable the user to interact faster because there is no need to go and open a particular app for accessibility.  For instance, in a user’s home screen there may be 3 to 5 different widgets that are available. The easy part is you can see immediately if there are notifications waiting and you just need to tap a certain widget if you feel a need to quickly interact. That is also true with the Share Where widget. Your friend can see your message and location in his device as soon as possible. Mobile users also use widgets to allow them to promptly act with any program or apps that are running on their device that display notification messages. This way you will not overlook incoming messages or updates about a particular program or an app that needs your attention right away.

The Share Where widget is designed in a similar manner that is focused on delivering more accessible messaging system with ease and convenience. You can simply tap on the widget in order to instantly interact and relay messages to others. Devices had gone a long way from just simply being a calling device.  Now, life can be much easier through fast communication systems and applications that are becoming very useful to every user. Creative and helpful innovations for easy living are now available on every device such as the Share Where Message widgets.