Hello, Softwarelint readers! If you have your eyes on a gaming application that can take you to an adrenalin rush, action packed scenario the SWAT Counter Attack is what you are looking for. This mobile application is available in Google Play which is designed for Android users who have the inclination to be playing on a war zone and play in combat against the terrorists. This action game will have you on the edge of your seat from the beginning of the game until you complete your elite mission in bringing down terrorists.

Playing the character of Johnny Matrix

Players who have the drive for an action packed adventure to counterattack terrorists will take the role of Johnny Matrix, an ex-military and a former member of the elite SWAT counter terrorist group in this game. You will be taken into the breathtaking, adrenalin pumping action against suicide bombers and heavy artillery fight against the terrorists. Johnny M. is already retired from the military service but an old terrorist enemy is haunting him down and wants his family dead. Your mission objective would be to bring down the terrorists before they start bringing demise to the international community and kill the people you love.

Game feature and thrilling bonuses

The application takes you to high quality graphic sceneries on a war zone, armed with Desert Eagle, shotgun and AK 47. As you take the raid to bring down your terrorist enemies, you have to finish the 5 long missions that come in multiple stages. Each of the stage will bring you a unique encounter against the terrorists and each game play will challenge you in every action scene at a different level. As an elite SWAT team leader, your seasoned combat and tactical experiences and skills will always come in handy in leading your trained men to overcome the terror the madman terrorists want to spread across the country. With your tactical and weaponry SWAT training, the success of the mission lies in your hands. The elite counterterrorist task force depends upon your leadership and you cannot afford to let them down.

Players will be engaged in playing this action packed game supported with realistic sounds of bombing, explosions, and heavy artillery fight. You will feel the action engagement realistic and you will certainly find yourself engrossed in the game throughout each and every game play. As you progress to reach the higher level, the difficulty increases and the combat fight become more challenging and quite difficult. If you love the challenge, this action packed game is right for you.

Strike Down Terrorists with This Tactical Mission

If you like to play the role of an elite counter terrorist and a professional sniper, the SWAT Counter Attack provides you the opportunity to play this role and bring out your sniping skills. The shooting action will put your sniping skills to the test. Thus, you have to play your very best and showcase your shooting ability in bringing down terrorists and their madman leader who is out to bring you down and to kill your family. Although you may have the qualifications of becoming an elite SWAT force, you need to keep in mind some important tips on how to play the game.

Your ultimate goal would be to strike down the terrorists who, by the way, have the same mission against you. So make sure to shoot the enemies before they have the chance to shoot you and bring your team down. The game provides a game control where you can use the Bullet box in order to refill your bullets. This means that you will be sent on a mission with limited bullets to use so take your best shot each time you pull the trigger on your weapon. Keep an eye on your bullet supply and reload immediately before you run out of bullets. Each mission has its own specific objective so pay attention! Follow each instruction and keep your mission in mind. You are just a human in this game and not a machine. You can become a casualty for being injured so make use of the first aid kit that you can find around the combat field to heal yourself and restore your health rate by shooting at it.