Todays review is for all of you who have the problem of sleeping and not waking up on time. The new Alarm Clock from Appsdev is the solution to your problems. Not only does it provide an ample amount of waking power but it does it while looking amazing.

Waking up the smart way

Alarm Clock Ultra is one of the best looking alarm clocks in the business, the app allows you to switch between different skins, allowing you to choose the clock you like the most. Design is where this app really shines, but it also packs some serious waking power. The app also allows you to schedule alarms, making organizing easy. If you feel you could accidentally disable the alarm and not wake up then Alarm Clock Ultra provides a unique solution to your problem, it allows you to use different math problems for disabling the alarm. This makes sure that both you and your brain wake up in the morning.

Style and functionality

The app provides many useful features. It includes a stopwatch, countdown timer and for those who like cooking, an egg timer. The egg timer comes with full cooking instructions, making the morning cooking a lot easier. This is the only watch you will ever need, it replaces the previous alarm clocks you have had and it does so with style and functionality.

Alarm Clock Ultra will get you up every morning and with the added „math problem“ alarm disabling, it will also make your brain wake up. A nice looking app that does its job very well, a piece of luxury in your everyday life.

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