Do you find it hard to get out of the bed in the morning? Do you open your eyes after 5 snoozes on your alarm? Don’t worry you are not the only one having these problems. But, the good news is that there is a solution for this problem and we can thank modern technology for that. The solution is really simple and very efficient – an Android app called Alarmy!

How Does Alarmy Function?

Basically, this is an alarm application that works in a really unique way. Just like any other alarm app it starts producing sound at a desired period of the day but the difference is in the way it is turned off. You cannot simply shake your smartphone or click one button in order to stop the loud alarm. Instead of that, you will have to go to a certain place and take a photo in order to make the alarm stop. Of course, you will choose which part of your home you will set as a registered place before you set the alarm. For example, if you have registered your living room once the alarm starts you will have to get up of bed and take a photo of the living room. You can also use a smaller photo of some item that is located away from your bed. With the help of an interesting software solution, Alarmy will match the previously taken photo of the registered place with the one you make after you wake up. If they match the alarm will go off. In other words – this alarm application practically forces you to wake up and get out of the bed.

What makes Alarmy unique?

There are few features that make this alarm application original:

–        Set an alarm easily – You can set an alarm at any time of the day and on any date you want in advance with few simples steps.

–        Sounds – You can choose the sounds you want to be played but the app also has unique sound that will definitely make you get up and make it stop.

–        Photo recognition – Of course, the most unique feature is the photo recognition of a registered place/item which is the only way to make this interesting alarm turn off.

Where can I download this app?

You can find this app in Google Play Store on the following link – The installation is free and the app doesn’t require much memory (6.8MB) although you can place it on both internal and external memory.

Pros of this app

–        It is a completely free app

–        It will definitely make you get out of your bed

–        It is impossible to stop it without taking a photo

–        It has simple and user friendly interface

Cons of this app

–        None

If you are looking for the most efficient alarm app for your Android mobile device look no further – Alarmy with its unique concept will make anyone get out of the bed.