Hello all Softwarelint followers and iPhone fans. Today we will be taking a look at the sequel to the loved Angry Birds. This time the Birds are going to space to fight the evil power. The sequel is called Angry Birds Space.

The sequel to the very popular Angry Birds was to be accepted as the original version exceeded all expectations in popularity. Some time has passed and a mysterious claw has stolen their eggs. When following The Claw, Birds find themselves in a whole new world, in a new galaxy to be exact. The world is filled with new and dangerous enemy’s, space pigs. The Birds come prepared, they Birds have acquired superpowers that help them to defeat The Claw.

Whats New..!

The new Angry Birds offers a whole new world to play in. The levels include different planets with no gravity and other features that make the game a lot more challenging. A new feature that contributes to the game play is the addition of superpowers, this is something that a player who liked the old Angry Birds will either love or hate. There is also a new bird that freezes everything near where it hits. When you complete the game you earn Space Eagles that create a black hole when ever they explode, sucking in everything near them. These help a new member to complete difficult levels, but they are not necessary.



The game also features several in-app purchases that allow to unlock new levels. This is called the Danger Zone. It consists of 30 new and very challenging levels. If you have completed the regular campaign and loved it, this is a must. It brings on a whole new challenge for the player.

Writer Review

Angry Birds Space is a good sequel to the original, certainly worth getting. It has had some issues with crashing and some functions not fully working but those are being fixed with updates. I did not have any problems running the app, so it might have issues with some specific phones.