Listening to music is one of the most used features on our smartphones and tablet devices. Generally looking everywhere around us music is one of the key roles in our life. Having the music closely around us is huge bonus especially for our devices, our lives are not imaginable anymore without smartphone or tablet. But what if your smartphone or tablet is android based, how can you improve the music quality and listening? Well there are many android music player apps, we previously share a review for music related app, but today we will present you an app that the existed music on your android device can be turn into more quality one that will fit your taste.

AudioZest – android music player app in general

Like most of the usual android music player app, this one offers sorting the existing songs by genre, album, artists, playlist, playback and songs. When you start the app, on the right top corner you will notice that you can turn on or turn off the equalizer, and here is the key feature of the app, you can use the previously saved equalizer configurations or start customize by yourself.  Configuring by yourself will lead to match your taste in any sense, you can increase the bass if you want to ‘feel’ it much more, or you can increase the treble if you want your music to be louder.


But that is not all that this android music player app is offering. You can also configure the 3D, which will give you new experiences and new undiscovered fields for you. To experience the best from this features that we mentioned, you’ll need headphones preferably quality ones, but you can feel the improvements also with less quality ones.  The app generally is offering many changings in the sound, you can put your imagination into finding the perfect sound for your taste.

Last few words about AudioZest  app

Having this app on your android device will be a huge plus. You can discover new fields in the sound world with the equalizer and the 3D feature. The app is around 3.5MB size, which shouldn’t be a problem, it is rated for everyone and it requires android 3.0 and up, you can find it under the Music & Audio category on Google Play with a price of $4.99.

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