The return of the black and white photos

Have you ever look at some stylish black and white photos and thought, I wish i could make photos like that. If you have, We at Softwarelint have good news for you. Today we are reviewing an app that can do just that. Appija presents us with an amazing app called Black and White Camera. The app does exactly what it’s name says, it allows you to make black and white photos.

How do they make it happen

Most of the world has started using cameras that make colored pictures, but the app developers from Appija had a different idea, why not make an app that allows to make the opposite, black and white pictures. The app is really easy to use and it allows you to use several different modes for black and white pictures. There are four different monochrome effects that can be applied when taking a picture. The effects feature Black and White, Sepia, Red-scale, Green-scale and Blue-scale. These options really allow you to select the tone and light aspect when you are making the picture. The app provides another very cool feature, it allows you to apply the different effects in real time. This allows you to see how the picture will look in black and white before you take it, making taking cool pictures that much easier.

The many features in one small app

The app has some more cool features. It allows you to take a random picture and turn it into black and white. You get to choose what settings you use on the picture, allowing you to turn some regular photos into a real piece of art. The app allows you to use your photos as wallpapers and allows you to share the images to Facebook so you can show them to your friends.

Key features :

* Real-time effects in camera view
* 5 monochrome effects: Black and White, Sepia, Red-scale,Green-scale, Blue-scale
* Supports camera flash
* Supports front camera (Android 2.3+ required)
* Saved images are stored to external storage under BlackAndWhite folder
* Import previously taken photos from your phone and apply effects
* Easy share on Facebook, via email
* Easily set black and white pictures as your wallpaper


Something for the real photography fan

The Black and White Camera is a very cool app that allows you to go back to the starting days of photography. This is your opportunity to create art and to make real black and white masterpieces.