The new Beijing Subway Surf app, available for free on all Android devices via the Google Play store, is a must-have for train enthusiasts across the world. Once the app has been installed, users can navigate their way through a huge array of Chinese subway trains from both Beijing and Shanghai. Not only that, but there are also four amazing mini-games bundled into the app for free:

The Beijing Subway Puzzle Game

  • Organize the puzzle pieces to complete the image

  • Get points for speed and accuracy

  • Progress through levels

The Beijing Subway Brick Game

  • Rotate and shuffle the bricks to recreate the images

  • Increase difficulty level

  • Acquire points for speed

The Beijing Subway Memory Game

  • Uncover photos and find matching pairs

  • Timed game bonus

  • New level unlock feature

Bonus Tetris Game

  • Play the most popular computer game of all time

  • Included for free

  • Variable speeds and level progression

If you love subway trains and puzzle games, then this app is for you. Compete with your friends for the coveted high score position and entertain yourself while you ride the subway home.

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Here are 5 top facts that every subway geek should know about the Beijing city subway:

  1. The first subway line opened in the city in 1969.

  2. Today, there are over 200 stations and 17 connected lines in operation.

  3. Beijing is the 3rd most-used subway in the world, after Tokyo and Seoul.

  4. The most users in a single day was over 11 million, recorded in July 2013.

  5. The Beijing Subway logo uses the letters “B”, “G” and “D”, which stands for Běijīng gāosù diànchē.

This app is not just for fans of the Asian underground transport network; content from other global subways is also included for no cost. View iconic images from the infamous New York subway, Toronto, Tokyo, Sydney, Miami and the Paris Metro.

Top facts about subways across the world:

  • The first subway line was opened in London in 1863 and is known as the Underground or Tube.

  • New York City Subway is the largest in the world in terms of station numbers; it currently boasts a whopping 468 stations in total.

  • In Paris, the underground train network is called the Metro, and was opened in 1900.

  • Subway is also the name of the world’s most popular fast food outlet in terms of outlet numbers, coming in ahead of its rival, McDonalds.

What’s more, this app has a hidden gem inside! Get access to the top cheats and hacks for the very popular Subway Surfers android app, itself set in downtown Beijing. With almost 2 million reviews and 100 million installs, Subway Surfers is one of the hottest gaming apps ever made.

So why would I need this app? Here are the top 3 reasons to get Beijing Subway Surf:

  1. 100% free app

  2. 3 puzzle games

  3. Tonnes of bonus content

This app might not change your life, but it does provide entertainment and features for fans of trains and the Subway Surfers game; priced as $0, it’s worth taking a chance and installing it today.

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