The developers Ezekiel has created an free app called Plug in Music Widget. This tasty application has alot of sweet features that will keep you busy for hours if you’re a music passionate person. This app brings everything for a music person. It’s got it all, a few mentioned features are, insert earphones and a music player automatically start to play music and Isolating Earphone set to automatically adjust the volume.

What does this app provide?

Plug In Music Widget provides a large selection of feature to suit your way of listening to music, play music, stop music and play around with different settings. The app offers a big list of function that the users can take advantage of. And has alot to offer as pointed on earlier. This app is giving people such a large amount of choises. Fantastic, amazing, and at the same time so beautiful. Several versions and bugs have been fixed and the app has been tested for Galaxy SII, and are fully functional to use freely.

Android Music Widget Android Music Widget

Ezekiel provides various other great apps for daily use so it’s recommended to check it out in the google play store. Apps mentioned are Message secretly viewer, Pick up the phone and Beta termination. These are the other apps created and designes by Ezekiel. Let’s sit patiant back and try waiting for more heavy and good apps to come in the nearest days and months. Recently started up and already delivering some good apps, and the best it’s free!

What’s New?
Here is a listed overview of what’s the newest goodies in this app so far. (Note!: This review might be out-dated later on as the app might be updated regulary)

**Support Player List**
– Android Stock music player
– Google Music
– Winamp
– Poweramp
– PlayerPro
– Cloudskipper
– jet Audio

Recent Changes

Hiding controller buttons is added
Bug fix
ver 0.9.8
Add text size settings
Support Bluetooth headset or earphone for auto starting music player and volume changing when it is connected(BETA)
ver 0.9.7
Custom theme
Bug fix


A short summary to summon up what’s so fantastic about this app is all the things you can do with this app. It’s an usefull tool if you are a passionate person that loves music. If there are any questions you wanna direct to the developer and creater of the app. Go check out the app in google play, and you should be able to email and redict all your questions there. “Plug In Music Widget”, just earned themself another download and another person loving their app, me! This is great for everyday use, no matter where you are, at home, at work, driving. It sets no limits. Download it today and no regrets will be made.

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