If you ever want it to play Poker on your android device or you want to know who the best android poker app is, stay tuned and see what we have prepared for you. We found article where the editor has made interesting comparison and review of few poker games, but we at Softwarelint want to make our own and share our thoughts about best android poker app.

Is there different modes of Poker game?

Poker is a very interesting game with millions of fans all around the world. Both young and old persons love this game, Poker is also known as card game that is involving betting. The winner in this game is determining by the combinations and ranks of their cards, and not all the cards are always going to be shown until the game ends. Depending on how many cards are dealt, poker games can vary, there are four main types of poker games: Straight, Stud Poker, Draw Poker and Community Card Poker.

Picking up the best android poker app was not an easy task. We tried to pick the best android poker app by the rating that this game has from the users, we considerate how many downloads this game has. We considerate how many persons all around the world this game has, we considerate also how frequently this game is updated, does it has bugs, and how well it follows and implementing the latest trends and designs.

What’s the best android poker app?

And finally as best android poker app, we picked Zynga Poker. Some of you may pick some other Poker game as best android poker app but we think that is a small number comparing to all the fans that this game has. This game has above average rating that is more than 4.5 out of 5 stars, it is updated very frequently, just two days before this article was published. Zynga Poker is installed between 10,000,000 and 50,000,000 times, that is may be 10,000,001 and also may be 49,999,999 times on different android devices such as smartphones, tablets or miniPC’s.

How do we pick the best android poker , and few words about it

The most important fact is that this best android poker app is FREE. You can download it on your device and use it for free, it will be free on any android device so do not be afraid that if it is free on smartphones it will not be free on tablet. Second most important part is that is available on any android device, you will not find differences while playing this game on smartphone or tablet, everything will run smoothly as it should.

Zynga Poker allows you to play live of Texas Hold’em Poker against millions of users who actually are real people just like you and not some bots, all these players are either from Facebook, Android device or iPhone. With the best android poker app, you can feel the real style of Las Vegas casino VIP, now you can also play one on one, which is new Poker mode that allows you to play with your Facebook friend, or randomly picked opponent.