Hello readers out there today in this post i will going to tell you some best apps for android that you must have in your tablet, android phone like samsung galaxy s2,s3 Sony xepria P.etc

Well these days android users always types on google search “Best apps for android” you may get huge list of blogs listing out some 50+ applications for android. In this post i sort out 10 must have application for your android devices.These applications are all time best since they developed but many new users dont know about these applications yet. So here in this list you will get all those 10 best apps for tablet and phone.

#1 -Facebook for Android


Facebook is one of the most widely used social network out there online. For more and best interaction we recommend all users to download this application to your android mobile phone. This is one of the best apps for samsung galaxy s2 in 2011. Facebook developers keeps improving all its features day by day in order to make application more user friendly.




  • #2- WordPress

  • WordPress is one of the most powerful blogging CMS so far. Every new blogger best choice is wordpress. Many bloggers might wondering how if we can post on go to their WordPress via smartphones. Well WordPress for android comes in to help you doing that stuff. This wp app is integrated with all possible features like Media insertions tool, stats,posts views, post editor, Shortcuts which enables users to do blogging anywhere they want.



  • #3 – Google Goggles

One of best and awesome application with a innovative functionality that users wants in daily life. We always needs our phone to do something which make sense. Well here google goggle which helps you to scan anything and helps you to find information about anything you scan. This app lets you to Scan photos QR code and focus on Barcodes and give a list of SERP. This features enables users to access t0 any link ,website,to any piece of information, in one scan.



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#4 – Google Maps Navigation

Maps and navigation plays a really very important role in this world now. We always needs something to track us every time in order we can safe some time. Google application are always best ones as you saw the application above its highly innovative After a new updates we see some great improvement in navigation in the application you must tried it out. Indian users in earlier days experiences some issues in navigation. Now after a new updates including turn-by-turn voice navigation,GPS signal tracker.This application can be featured in Best android apps for navigation.





How many of you use dropbox ? Wohoo i think many of us, After a launch of dropbox android application this is been so easy to drop your files from android to dropbox in one drag. It is best free apps for android. You must try this out.



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eBay one of the best online e-commerce site. Now with this app you can buy any product from ebay by simply using winning paypal generated PIN you must try this application out. This app allow you to list up products according to your need and category. Now buy product in one click.



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Chrome one of the most favorite browser out there. As it is fast safe and reliable, as chrome is one of the best application developed by google. Users love to use it everyday. After google released chrome for android on play store. App got some million downloads on 1st day. Download counts can give you views on how best this app is for you. Chrome on Android offers unlimited tabs in a nice pop-up list, desktop bookmark and open tab syncing, offline saving of pages and even that occasionally very useful incognito mode for covering your weirder tracks.



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How many of you are familiar with TED? Ted is series of tech talks explaining high concepts of business and technology stuffs out there in this world.Now you can grab those series on your android. Without exploding your brain to search 1000 sTED news on google.


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Jimmy Wales co-founder and promoter of the online non-profit encyclopedia Wikipedia thinks to make things more easy. Wikipedia is all best source online encyclopedia which feeds users with all information about everything which born in this earth. With a worldwide million hits on site daily wikipedia ranks high on search engine. Now you can grab this application and have all in one encyclopedia in your palm.


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#10-BBC News

Getting best filtered worldwide news is not been so easy. Now BBC launched its well refined app which enables users to experience best news reading via android devices. This is one of the best android app for news, As this application UI provides users to read different stories within their favorite specialized category on go. With all new updates you can add widgets and can even post you news tips via app.


Best apps for android

Here’s all time best apps for android devices. Hope this posts helps you in anyways. If you think there’s should be another apps that should be included in this list do comment below . Thanks for reading dont forget to subscribe us on Facebook for future updates.