Black Hair Styles is an app developed by Slimmdog. The new and innovative app allows you to get a view of your new hair style before going to the hair dressers. The app is free to try and is distributed on the Android network.
The app looks very clean and is easy to use. It will help you find different hair styles from its database and from the internet. It is also connected to Facebook allowing you to share your findings and to get new ideas from other users. You can now discuss a new haircut with your friends online and get feedback before actually getting it done.


The selection of hairstyles is large and is categorized into four main categories: Long hair, short hair, Twist and Dreadlocks and natural hair.
When you choose one of the types you are given the option to choose and navigate between different styles, colors and variations of different hair. The possibilities are limitless.

Professional look

The presentation is also very good. You can view the hair styles in Youtube and get a real feeling and view on how the haircut really is. This is an excellent feature as you can see the hair move and perform in different situations. It lets your imagination fly and give you the option of thinking of yourself with the same haircut. The app also provides a huge number of different photos about hair styles. All the pictures are very clean and give the whole app a very professional look.

Free app

The Black Hair Styles app is an excellent new app for people who are interested in different hair styles and are willing to try something new. It gives you a very good overview of different haircuts and possibilities. I recommend it to everyone who likes to change their appearance once in a while. The app is free to use so you have nothing to loose.

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