Deep singhal

Deep singhal

Deep Singhal is an up and coming web designer and software developer based in Meerut, India. At a very young age, Deep already established a vision to create a website that will cater to the needs of people in this technology-driven world.

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  • Jae

    Since this application is free of charge, then I might as well try it :)

    • Deep Singhal

      Bosspy seems to be 100% free and faster then netspysoftware

      • Rahul

        Unable to login even after creating account. Only getting the message Email or password is invalid. Forget password link giving the same password. But unable to login niether on PC nor in mobile.

  • andres

    i can install in my s3 with spuernexus 2

  • adrian

    For spouses with password protected smart phones here’s a hint – buy your spouse a new phone, before you give him his new “gift”, download a spy app like “copy10” onto it and voila! Everyone’s happy….

  • cyrus

    Read this
    Use Copy10 a Smartphone Monitoring Software that Remotely read SMS, Call Logs, Emails, Pictures, Listen Surroundings, Track phone location and more…..

    100% undetectable
    Track iPhone/Android location
    See Call History..

    24/7 Customer support, ensure to respond all your queries regarding the installation.

  • fallen

    I caught my employee cheating and sharing our client lists with competitors. Thanks to COPY10, I had emails, BBM conversations and meeting records plus I knew exactly whom they were visiting and when due to StealthGenie’s cell phone tracking capabilities.

  • cyra

    Does this Copy10 better than Bosspy?

    • nelly

      yes copy10 is more better than bosspy.. Bosspy don’t have costumer support .. I heard from other forums they are scamming using fake software like this…

  • senior

    Copy is ideal for parental monitoring which is more great than bosspy

  • salena1001

    I used InnovaSpy, i think that it is the best spy software. It works perfect on my cellphone. You se more

  • lefthanded

    I have installed Bosspy on my Galaxy S4 (4.2.2)
    this point in the installation guide makes me wondering:
    4.Once the installation process is complete. Go to Settings->Accessibility and turn on the Services with the name is “”.
    On my S4 I can NOT find “” under Settings->Accessibility and now I don’t know what to do.
    I have tried step 5:
    5. At google search bar, type in access code to open the software 1mole (default is 123456 ) Or you can dial the access code to open the software 1mole.
    but nothing happaned.
    Anybody does get Bosspy working on S4?

    • Bosspy

      Bosspy is not available for Samsung Galaxy S4 yet that’s why you cannot find the application “”.
      Our team will issue a new release soon! :-)

      • mataleo

        hurry up then

        • gilang prabowo

          hi,,, please help me,
          i have same problem fot galaxy mini2 in android version 2.0.
          i was have acount in bosspy but i can’t using this program.. :(

      • xyz

        when the new version will release?

      • Merow

        Hey friend i love bosspy, but in the last few months all hebrew words are like (???? ??), its in evry machine and evry browser on any settings… Can u guys fix that please?

      • Jenny

        any idea when the new release will be released?

      • Ran

        Hi, is it working on Nexus4 (4.3) ?

        i also can find under Accessibility


      • Hush Kitty

        When will you release a new version? Im using Galaxy S4 as well & i need it so badly now.

  • Olddude

    Nice article would like to know if it is free? i recently use Copy10 an no problems whatsoever…

  • nemo

    Copy10 works great for me

  • Keegz

    I am also stuck on 4, I can find “” in Settings->Accessibility on the S4, can you please help on this.

  • lito

    Bosspy won’t work on my phone,

  • niel

    Bosspy don’t have costumer support expect it is a fraud!

  • disqus_sDjFG7WdlI

    Thanks for the information here, really?I don’t trust free app, I would rather pay a little for android spy app like HelloSpy, it’s safe and reliable. I know HelloSpy for a long time, i’ve been using this application for almost a year the customer service is very supportive and responded all my queries regarding the installation. Thanks to HelloSpy makes my life easier.

    • A Real User

      Well at least next time don’t use such an obvious fake username, photo and message… Do what the rest 50% of the users do. They post there fake messages as guests without a picture and with a normal name. Not a name with a suffix of a random string and a dll file extension

      From a real user annoyed from spammers pretending to be real people and acting so stupid. This personally makes me avoid there products.

      This message is not referred to this company only, its general however this was the worst fake user I have seen here.

  • mataleo

    how to get it working on S4, cant see in settings, anyone knows ?

  • tomM

    would I be able to check WeChat social app as well?

  • AdaS

    I strongly recommend ikeymonitor. It is very easy and safe to use.

  • Jazon

    It’s really funny than all the spy software websites come to post their advertise link but they propose the same service for xxx,xx$/month hahaha So at the end, Bosspy it’s the best because it’s 100% free 😀

  • Rahul

    Bossspy is not working at all. Unable to login even after creating account. Only getting the message
    Email or password is invalid. Forget password link giving the same
    password. But unable to login neither on PC nor in mobile.

    • Deep singhal

      Bosspy working on issue ! will update you as soon as they fixed all :)

      Subscribe us for future update


      • Rahul

        How to Subscribe? I need resolve this issue soon. Please help.

        • Deep singhal

          Kindly find subscriber button on our site menu !


          • Merow

            How can i contact them about some bug or issue ? I see hebrew note as a question marks in evry browser

  • D J

    bosspy is not working on Samsung Galaxy s5320 do any one have the same problem.. how to resolve it

    • Deep singhal

      Kindly find sign up button on our site menu !

      You will be notified once bosspy launches its next update


  • helpmeplease

    I downloaded it on a sony ericsson and I followed all the steps. When i try to enter in the code nothing happens. Please help!!

  • Mars

    Hi I installed this on Sony x peria phone. But in download file it is visible. So I delete it. But did not uninstalled. Will this work doing such.?

  • Sharon93

    is a cell phone tracking and monitoring software for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. Once installed on the device you will be able to monitor and record all calls made and received, real time GPS location of the mobile phone, track and record text messages (SMS), have access to the entire contacts list and media files stored on the cell phone and much more.

    InnovaSPY: Compatible with iPhone 5 and all devices running iOS 6.x

    we already released new version 3.3.24 for InnovaSPY: Fix bug Photo log does not work on some iPhone 5 + iOS 6.x, Fix bug losing SMS data, Improve memory (fix bug low memory warning) on device iPhone 3S.

  • Free Man

    please please fix arabic words , all arabics words are like (???? ? ?????? ? ? ???) question marks !! please fix it , it is in database fields encoding , just little change …. and thx 2 much

  • Sherry

    This has completely locked up the other persons Galaxy S3 and cannot be opened. What do we do??

  • Roxxer

    Is there any free way to use on Samsung Galaxy S4 now ?


  • Sarfaraz

    It is not working on my HTC Desire V,

    1. Installed the mole1 on my phone, Installation was succesful,

    2. Once the installation process is complete. Go to Settings->Accessibility and turn on the Services with the name is “”. It was successful too

    3. But when I typed access code to open the software 1mole (default is 123456 ). Also tried dial the access code to open the software 1mole.
    But nothing happened.

    Any idea how to start this application and start monitoring phone.

    Also I want to know will it work on Samsung ACE

  • monster

    hello! is this will work to lenovo 4.1?

  • toupeira

    i am having some trouble installing it, neither AVAST or LOOKOUT software let me install it.
    #galaxy note 2

  • Dubey

    I am already using this bosspy.. Buti am nonot able to track password details of Gmail n facebook can u guide with that or else u can drop a mail to me

  • sweetroro88

    I have Galaxy S3 I did step by step till I reach the search to write the code but 1mole page is not openeing it opens another why?what to do?
    One more question please how can i download it to galaxy win its a little complicated .help me please.thank you.

  • Sanfax

    Android 4.1 on my LG there no key accessibility, I can not activate the program. Nothing happens when I use 123456

  • kim

    is it working for the galaxy s4 cause i got as far as diling 123456 and it has said mole planted

  • mowe13

    Hi . Says smtp not yet available to use . Tried google mail .yahoo mail accounts cant get keylogg emails .. sg3

  • yu yee

    where to contact with bosspy team ?? i need help urgent!!
    email me at
    Thank you

  • Stay76

    How do I get bospy down loaded to my phone