We were planning a vacation for the summer and were looking at a few interesting beaches on the Web. My son advised that the best way to go about this is to use an app called uCiC, which gives real-time information, instead of looking up Photoshopped pictures online. He said that the app can be used to collect information from anywhere in the world by just sending out a request.


He then took out his device and typed in Honolulu. Next, he located a few uCiC users in the area and sent out a ‘push notification’ to all of them. Within a few minutes we received images of the beach, and the areas around that gave us a clear idea on what to expect out there. We did the same with two other destinations. The app is wonderful and easy to use and it got the job done in just a matter of minutes. We got a clear picture of what the beaches actually looked like, which gave us true satisfaction.

You could use the app to help others as well. Just in case you get sent a push notification, you could do your best to help out fellow users and win karma points. These karma points can come in handy when you need help. If you are looking to maintain your privacy, you can remain anonymous while helping others and sending out notifications using uCiC. The app seems to serve its purpose by giving you clear-cut visual answers to your questions without having to go through tonnes of information. Download this app for Free from Google Play here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ic&hl=en