Tile matching puzzle games are one of the most popular categories of games for years now. However, the Android market was missing a true authentic tile matching game that will provide the same experience as PC users have. Diamonds Tap Saga is certainly one of the best tile matching games for Android and it has few features that actually outperform desktop games of this type. The tiles this time come in a form of diamonds!

How to play Diamonds Tap Saga?

The gameplay is more or less similar to other games of this kind. The players must find strings with same color diamonds. In order to get at least some points (20 points to be more precise) the player must find at least two same color diamonds. Once these diamonds are found a simple touch on them will eliminate them from the picture. But players that look for higher scores and more points should be patient and find more same color diamonds because the points received are progressively increasing with the number of matching diamonds. The gameplay is very easy and even beginner users of Android-based mobile devices will find this game easy to master.

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What makes Diamonds Tap Saga different?

This is a legitimate question since there are so many tile matching puzzle games on Google Play. First of all, Diamonds Tap Saga is unique because of its graphics. Instead of meaningless or unattractive tiles the designers of this game have decided to use beautifully designed diamonds. Another thing that makes Diamonds Tap Saga interesting is the interesting bonus system. Players that manage to pair more than two diamonds will get more points but that’s not all. Those who match more than five diamonds can expect special bonuses. In this way players have the chance to clear the screen for a shorter time and enjoy the next level. This gives the players a sense of accomplishment.

What should I do to get this application?

Downloading this game is really easy. The good news for all Android users is that this game doesn’t require the latest Android version – it works on Android version 2.2 and higher. The game itself is very small (only 3.8 MB) and you will have the chance to choose where you want to store it – on your internal memory or on your memory card.

Pros of Diamonds Tap Saga

  • Intuitive interface that won’t make users wonder around the menu in order to start the game or find some of its features
  • Virtually endless possibility of getting various bonuses
  • Beautiful and addicting graphics

Cons of Diamonds Tap Saga

  • Available only for Android users, which means that users with mobile devices that use different OS will have to wait for a special release of this game for their devices.

Diamonds Tap Saga is real refreshment on the Google Play market at least when it comes to tile matching puzzle games. Playing this game will definitely help you eliminate your spare time in the best possible way.