When it comes to mobile devices of any kind, speed and performance are essential for the user experience. A device like a smartphone that does not provide its functions in a sufficient time is often very problematic for any user. On the other hand, many devices that are underperforming are in use all over the world, simply because they do not employ the tools that would solve this issue.

DU Speed Booster is a mobile device app which was produced so that it can optimize and improve the performance of an Android based device. This app is available on the Google Play service and can be downloaded by anyone for free. The app features include a boost to the speed of any phone by over 60% and the ability to clear the cache files from the system. These files are also known as junk files, which means that they hamper the performances and produce less storage space on an SD card or internal memory. This kind of memory clean is very useful, even for the new devices that were recently bought.

The flexible functions of this app quickly make any Android system fast, while they also improve its functions and usability level. But DU Speed Booster has additional features like a security and antivirus segment that is built-in in the app itself. Others include a simple task cleaner, booster of ram memory and even a means to analyze the content of junk and cache storage. While this multitude of functions may look confusing, the app is extremely simple for the end users.

All these features are available through several functions. These include Easily Boost, which boosts a phone in a quick manner, a Junk File Cleaner that includes scans and a Smart Cleaner which can be set so that automatically cleans certain types of files. At the same time, the DU Speed Booster security center continues to protect the phone from Trojans and viruses. Specialized functions like Game Booster or Speed Accelerator offer additional help during specific phone use like, for example, gaming. An App Manager even allows for the management of cleanup service in particular apps.

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All these functions are presented in a very appealing graphic environment dominated by a great design. Unlike other similar apps, because of its design and a clear user interface, DU Speed Booster will be simple and easy to use for everyone. While other cleanup apps complicate their graphics and overcrowd them, this app uses simplicity to produce excellent results.

There is no doubt that DU Speed Booster is a powerful and capable application that will prove very beneficial to anyone who installs it on an Android based device.

Download link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dianxinos.optimizer.duplay&hl=en