This days we started to present you some more useful applications that can turn your smartphone into more must-have device that is starting to be so difficult to replace it in the future. After presenting you the app IP-Address related, we felt like we need to share with you another app that can give to your smartphone unique way of improving that can’t be found on other ordinary apps. We are not talking about Game or Music Player app, we are talking about the app that can give you the help like any secretary can give, in a way of organizing your personal contacts on your smartphone, organizing your customers and letting you to focus on other high priority tasks.

The App in General

We are talking about the app called ONDiGO, it is an app that can do the tasks that an ordinary secretary does,  organizing your contacts personal and business automatically, allowing you to connect with your customers more easy, and with all that you have more time to focus on other tasks that needs to be done. ONDiGO serves you with the all relevant information about the contact you want to reach in real time no matter if it’s personal or business, ONDiGO is able to manage all the emails, texts and calls for both personal and business contact.


Looking for the contact you need you are able to start searching it depending on its name, company or even a comment that it left, you can also add comment to each contact. If you’re social person that loves to share it photos on the social networks we are glad to share that this app supports sharing pictures, and not only pictures it also allows you to share some important document. You can protect all the contacts and comments on the Cloud by Backup the app, this is the best way to be sure that all the information’s from the app won’t be lost.

Final words about the app

What’s the most important for the app is that is free to download to your smartphone or tablet, ONDiGO is only available for android based devices, your device must have Android 4.0.3 or above so you can use it properly. ONDiGO is frequently updated its size is around 8.2MB which won’t be a problem for your device.

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