Easy Vocab is a learner’s wish coming true. Whether you’re studying for a competitive exam like SAT, GRE, ACT or LSAT or a just casual learner looking to improve on vocabulary, look no further. Seriously! It’s simple in design, packed with awesome features and has a brilliant UI that is not only attractive (the hand made icons and buttons give a pleasant and calming feel) but also crisp, concise and easily navigable.

Main features :-

The app consists of three main features – Learning (through the flashcards option), Testing (through the quiz option) and Analysis (through the progress option). The Flashcards have a funky layout and when touched reveal the meaning, synonyms, antonyms and the usage of the word. ‘Okay, what makes it special then?’ might be your question. Aha! That is where Easy Vocab surprises everyone. The Flashcards have a button console made up of three buttons – red, green and yellow. They are to help the user set the ‘confidence level’ for each individual word. As you revise and learn new words you can give each a confidence level, unique to your learning ability and speed:

  • Red- if you think the word is really tough and you can’t master it

  • Yellow – if you think the word is moderately tough and you might require some help to learn it.

  • Green- if you know the word and are confident about its meaning and usage.

Once, you’ve set a confidence level for a word, Easy Vocab uses its ‘magic algorithm’to provide you more practice for the words you are finding tough to master. In short, it is focused on ensuring you REALLY learn (which app does that, right?). Truly a feature you must see (and use) to believe!

 But, wait! There’s more. You can use the confidence levels in the quiz option too. In fact the quizzes are completely customizable – You make them! You can choose the number of questions you want, the duration of the quiz and what words you wish to test yourself on based on the confidence level(pick Red, Yellow or Green or a combination of them).

Once you’ve taken a few quizzes and you want to track your progress you select the Progress tab.  Easy Vocab provides an in-depth analysis of your learning progress. A graph plots the scores of all quizzes you have taken till date against the respective quiz number. You can also view data about how many flashcards you have learned and the percentage of words marked according to each confidence level.  There is an additional section providing details about your highest, lowest and average quiz scores. For the more meticulous learner, you can get information about each individual quiz too (as a pie chart).

Apart from these stand out features there are other cool features too like:

  • The Star button – to mark words for later review

  • Word search based on confidence level and starred words

  • The awesome Video Wall – where you can view some entertaining animated YouTube videos of the words (great way to take a break and still get some work done!)

Overall, this app is extremely user centric. It makes a great effort to understand the ability of the learner and focuses on helping them learn and improve. The simplistic design and power packed features makes this a must get for any ‘linguaphile’. The fact that you get so much for absolutely FREE has helped it find its own spot on my phone.

At present, Easy Vocab is available only on Android but there are plans to release it on other platforms as well. You can download the Easy Vocab app from playstore.

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