Android-based mobile phones and tablets provide more than communication and access to the internet. They are also a great way to entertain ourselves. The developers have acknowledged that fact and nowadays we have a lot of games available for our Android devices. One of these games that is getting more and more popular every day is EveryMart for Kakao. This is a nice little game that will make your spare time go away in a minute.

Installation process

The installation process is not different from any other regular installation process on Google Play and it lasts for only a couple of minutes. You just need to go on the following link and download it. We suggest you use wireless connection and avoid data connection because the file is relatively big (around 40 MB). You can choose whether you want to store the game on your device or on your external memory card.

More about the game

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 4.55.27 PM

EveryMart for Kakao is basically a racing game for people of all ages. The animation and graphics is excellent and you can choose to play from many different funny characters. As the name suggest the story takes place in a supermarket (mall) and you can use a lot of items in order to finish first. The good thing is that there are checkpoints so you can track your progress. Make sure you avoid the obstacles that can be found all around the supermarket.

What makes EveryMart for Kakao so attractive are the interesting boosters that you can get at any phase of the gameplay. In this way you can advance quickly at any time regardless of the position that you currently have. That makes this game exciting and thrilling and you won’t have to restart the game if you don’t place well from the start. Some of these bonus items include – start booster, last booster, magnet, umbrella, time-up… as you can see their names are self-explanatory.

As we have mentioned before you can choose from different tiny comic characters and they all have their own boxcars. Of course, you can combine these characters with different boxcars too. The super easy control of the boxcars makes EveryMart for Kakao suitable for people of any age – from small children that are beginning to operate with a mobile device to older people that don’t have much knowledge these devices.


  • –       This application is completely free and it doesn’t contain annoying ads
  • –       A lot of lovely characters to choose from
  • –       Top notch graphics and animation
  • –       Easy to play and never crushes
  • –       Exciting to the very end


  • –       It is not available in all countries
  • –       Relatively big size (around 40 MB)
  • –       Only available for Android users

Overall, EveryMart for Kakao is a refreshing new game that combines the best things from various racing games of this type. This is definitely a game that will keep you on your Android device for hours!