Facetime for Android? Is it possible? Softwarelint Explained

Facetime for Android? Is it possible? Softwarelint Explained

FaceTime is app that is available only for the iOS based devices like, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac. The main goal to this application is to make the people more easy to communicate between themselves, even when they not in same room, even when they are at the other town or country. Using the front or the back camera from your iOS device through Wi-Fi, you can see your girlfriend while he is in college, you can see your friends when they are on vacation, you can have video call with your daughter and see how she is doing on school, and a lot more different situations. Now unfortunately there is no FaceTime for Android, but there are many android apps that can give you this type of service for free, and with many other useful features.

If there isn’t Facetime for Android, then can I use such apps?

Here on Softwarelint.com, we had presented many android app reviews like, Printjini, Mind Teaser and Talking Mouse that had helped a lot to our visitors to discover the full potential of the apps. Because FaceTime for Android is not available for Android devices, today we will mention few apps that have the similar characteristics with FaceTime that will make you feel just like you are using FaceTime for Android. In this android app review, we will show you few of this kind of app that you do not need to pay a penny to use their service, except for the internet connection, Wi-Fi or 3G which had to be handled with that provider.

Use Skype , as free FaceTime app Android

Skype is maybe the world most popular app that is offering services like this, and can turn your device just as if you are using FaceTime for Android. Skype is available for many years ago, this app can be found on many different devices and not only for Android Devices. This app you can easy download through your phone, and installing it is easier than you thought. Skype is free to download and using, but there are some features and services that require payment, but the chatting, calling and video calling between many different devices is free, all you have to do is to download this app, install, create account for free and have internet connection. You can even add contacts to your account as many as you want, you can add image to your account, add personal information’s like your phone number, email, day of birth and many more.


Use Tango app as FaceTime for Android

Tango is another app that will satisfy your need for video calling. Like the Skype, this app is also free and most of its features are similar to it and without any doubt, we can call this app like FaceTime for Android. This app is easy to download and install, and it does not require creating username, all you have to do is to register this app with your phone number, your e-mail and the app is ready to be used for communication with your Tango friends. Just like Skype, you can add many Tango contacts like your friends and your family and communicate with them for free.

What about Fring, can I use it as Facetime for Android?

Yes. This app is compatible with Symbian, Android and iOS, so using it from one to other device is not a problem. All you have to do is to download, install and activate it, however, this app requires activation only through SMS. This app is also offering free calling, video calling, and group video to all Fring Users. This app is also as if the previous two require 3G or Wi-Fi connection, for the service, so we can say that these three apps are totally free.

Any other solutions beside Skype, Tango and Fring?

Yes. In addition, other apps can give you this type of service:

  • ooVoo app can be found on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, you can use it for unlimited Video calls and Texting
  • WeChat app can be found only on smartphones like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian keyboard or touch and Blackberry 5.0 and 6.0. With this app you can have Video Call, Voice Chat, Group Chat and many more
  • Movicha is available for iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, PC and Mac, it allows you to have Video Call, Usual Call even Multi-Partly live calls
  • Yahoo Messenger is available for all known platforms, this app is known for a lot of time, it provides free video calls, chatting and many more services known before


Final Conclusion …

Do not fell like not trendy or sad because you can’t have FaceTime for Android, this is no op to you, and searching and wasting time on FaceTime for Android should end right here, right now. However, you can have many popular and useful apps like FaceTime that can be found on many other devices and platforms like, android tablets, Mac PC, Windows PC, iPad, iPod, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Phone. The applications that we mentioned you previously in this article can be perfect and maybe better solution for this type of service. This apps are totally free, all you have to do is to download it, install it, activate it if requires, make account, add contacts to your list and start to communicate with your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues.

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  • John

    Thank you for such a nice article :)

  • ash

    Skype isnt a 5, more like a 3.5 for rubbish reception usage but good info on others, will give a try

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003159384507 Deep Singhal

      But as far we see features skype does all! If you talking about connectivity skype lags sometime otherwise its an awesome app Out there.

      Well thanks for sharing your views :)

  • Daniel

    This misses the point — these apps are fine for video conferencing, but if someone who is using an Apple device tries to contact you with FaceTime (or vice versa), it won’t work because FaceTime is a network as well as a proprietary technology. Of course you can use Skype, etc. on Apple devices alongside FaceTime, but the user has to deliberately decide to do that. You can’t just try to reach a Skype user on FaceTime.

  • tom

    Face time is not “network as well as a proprietary technology” … it’s required to google to stop insisting with a standard marketing bs and pull their finger out and implement it on android … but then they would acknowledge that apple is not as evil as they try to make everybody to think.

    Beside, facetime is better than skype and all other crap from quality perspective. Also what a lot of geeks tend to forget is that phone is used by normal people as well and for them knowing something more than someones phone number is to much already, and having skype and all other crap apps that clog your phone is to much of an effort :/

  • Keith Oo

    How can you give facetime availability a 3 when its not available to windows mobile, symbian, android, blackberry, linux or pc’s or anything else apart from an apple device. should be a 1.