Who of us don’t use Facebook? It has become more important part of our lives, like it or not. We have a great news for everyone who wants to go to Facebook using their phone. FBTouch is a very cool app especially for Facebook and it does its job very well.

The new lighter version of Facebook

The main problem with Facebook apps on smartphones has been speed, most apps just take too long to load Facebook. FBTouch is a revolution in this department, it is very fast and provides many new features for users. Besides from running fast it can also save images, open Youtube app from Youtube links, launch links on web browser, can launch messenger and even allows to change language. It allows you to do so many things and the best part, it is free.

Great Features

The app is designed to also support ICS themes, something that the previous versions have not done. FBTouch also provides a Home screen widget that is quite handy. On site you can see check-ins, notifications and you can even switch to full screen if you so choose to.

+ Code rewrite for better performance!
+ Support Android 4.0 ICS Holo Theme
+ Home screen widget!
+ Support notifications
+ Support Check-Ins
+ Can launch Facebook Messenger and Go!Chat
+ Scroll page using volume key
+ Fullscreen toggle
+ Search button shortcut
+ Automatically launch YouTube app from YouTube video links
+ Launch links on a web browser
+ Save image (Long touch on an image)
+ Image uploading
+ Multilingual menu (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, and Spanish)
+ Clear cache
+ App2SD

Author opinion

FBTouch is a very good app for people who like to be on Facebook. It makes browsing much faster and convenient. Recommended by Softwarelint as it is the fastest Facebook App available.

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