Hello, Softwarelint fans! People like to get an instant result when they search the internet. But sometimes, it just isn’t possible when there are many potential search results that match the subject that you are looking for. If you are someone who wants to get the a specific search result without having to go through the pain of sorting through the numerous results to find the best one, the application called Five5Now can offer you better relief. This is an application that you can download from iTunes or Google play which is an essential app for someone who frequently use their mobile device to search the web.

An application that does the sorting for your searches

With just a few clicks in the application, you will get relevant results for your search but not just merely results. The app will give you the best of the best about the searched subject. Whether you are looking for the best shopping mall, best coffee shop, best medical facilities, best local stores and just about anything, the Five5Now application will give you only the best for your searched category. Everything from the application are rated by the users and the app will provide you the best results of what you are searching for. You don’t have to go through each search result to evaluate whether it gives you the best information that you need. Let the app do the sorting for you and you are guaranteed to obtain only the best results to check out from your searches.

Convenient way of finding what you need

Whether you are searching for a local place or you are traveling, taking the application with you will certainly give you much convenience of searching the best things that you can find within your local area. Whether you are searching for a doctor, a supermarket, a restaurant, a gym, a medical professional, shopping malls, and other things imaginable for you to search for, the Five4Now app will give you the result that you expect to be the best. You now have the ability to locate and find what you are looking for with the bonus of getting only the best results from your searched subject. This is certainly a hassle free way of searching and getting the best results that are worth checking out.

Different business enlisted

Many businesses are able to enlist their stores, products and services that allow their website visitors to find their location and / or websites to purchase online. They are required to adhere to the high regulating standards required for the app in order to give them the privilege of enlisting their businesses otherwise they will be deleted from the app.  Therefore, using the app will allow you to search for a broad category coverage from foods, restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, pharmacies, malls, supermarket, professional services in various fields like medical facilities, laundry services, catering, dentists, and many others.

Experience a unique customer service

The Five5Now application is more than just a mobile search app. It is also a system that offers an opportunity to experience a unique customer service that you can avail online like creating an appointment within the local community business centers that you can find online from the mobile application. This app is useful especially in case of emergency needs such as when you want to make an appointment immediately to a local clinic within your area. The application also offers business owners a more efficient way of providing services to their clients who use the app by being able to respond to their immediate needs more quickly and conveniently. The app not only makes a good advertising technology for mobile, but it also gives its users a high quality customer service experience as well.