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As we all know how technology is enhancing its wings, hundreds of software, application are designed and coded on daily basis to make the most user friendly applications. Now, in this post I have discussed about the very funny android application i.e. talking Pierre. This is the funniest application designed by the android developers and I must say if you are in a sad mood then this application can easily change your mood. To know more about the working and features of this application then read on.

How to download Talking Pierre application  

To download the talking Pierre application in your mobile phone then you can easily download it from the Google play application store. To download the application on your mobile phone then just follows below steps.

  1. Open the Google play application store.
  2. Search for talking Pierre application, you will be redirected to a page where you can see hundreds of application of the same keyword.
  3. Just look at the top application i.e. talking Pierre application free. Open that and click on install tab.
  4. Google play will check the compatibility of your mobile phone with that application. If the application is fully compatible with your mobile phone then click on next and then ok.
  5. When you open the internet of your android mobile then this Talking Pierre application automatically starts downloading.
  6. After few minutes later, it will be installed on your android device.
  7. Open the application and make your day funny with this talking parrot application

How to use Talking –  Pierre application

All the working of this talking parrot application is really too user friendly. You need to say only the few lines and then after waiting for a second, parrot starts repeating those lines in a very funny manner.

Not only this there also some additional features with this talking Pierre application. You can make your parrot to do different tasks like throwing the cups on you, starting the mixer grinder with just a single tap. Its just an amazing application. I installed this application yesterday on my Android mobile and really I am very happy with the working of this talking Pierre application on Samsung galaxy S5570.