Rush and Fantasy is a new game introduced in the world of mobile gaming which adds excitement and thrill. It is the perfect combination of fun and enthusiasm. Once the game is started, it is possible to stimulate the senses. This game involves heroes, monsters, fun and dungeons. This game is filled with special features and there may be very few games in this world which can live up to the expectation of players.

Different features of the app

  • Single as well as Multi-play mode available
  • Fever Mode: when the gauge hits 100% it is time for some adventure
  • Different level of growth: Ability cards, skill cards, special card and item card
  • Update game on regular interval to deliver flawless gaming experience
  • New bonus features are added

Why Rush & fantasy is so special?

There are around 22 different heroes and there is no other game that makes the player explore wide number of heroes. Each and every hero appears to be brave and fearless. The fearless and level of braveness can be decided based on level of game. But, these dungeons appear to be much more exciting and it definitely gives Goosebumps to player. Each one of them appears to be dangerous than the other.

Through its easy to control function, the gaming app has become quite popular and interesting. There are different ways through which collection of glory is possible. Rush & Fantasy is very detailed game and there are different elements that support its detailing. The game gets progressed at a faster pace so that it does not turn out to be boring to players.

How to download this application?

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If you are impressed with the concept of the game, then you can easily download in your Android or iPhone Smartphone. In case of Android visit the link or for iPhone users visit iTunes Store and download the app. It can also be downloaded in your iPad.

Play Rush & Fantasy

  • Firstly, to start with the game it is necessary to join up with community of adventurers or you can also choose to be a “guest play” so as to test the realm
  • Make a proper selection of hero
  • Either join hands with other or just move on your own to explore the adventure
  • Through simple controls it is possible to gather rewards and also destroy dungeons which helps in ultimate victory

Pros of Rush & Fantasy

  • It is compatible to Android as well as iOS
  • Simple functionality and easy to understand
  • Different ways through which rewards, glory and treasure can be earned
  • Highly optimized gaming application for all latest mobile phones

Cons of the game

  • Only Android and iPhone users can get the pleasure of enjoying this game

Ubinuri Games has taken initiative of combining the ultimate thrills and spills of the game together which makes the heart pounding while playing. It is an addictive game that needs to be installed in the mobile device. The overall feedback of users is pretty good as the game gets updated at regular interval to remove bugs and improve overall performance.