Mobile games are becoming a huge hit. Every year the number of mobile games is increasing rapidly. The advance of technology is improving the appearance and gameplay and that’s why these games are so attractive. One genre that is especially popular among smartphone and tablets users is platform games. They are fun and suitable for people of all ages. Giraffe Adventure is one good example of a game like this.

How does Giraffe Adventure work?

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Those who have some experience in plying platform games will notice that the basis of this game relies on the well-known elements found in other popular platform games. What is interesting is the story which is definitely unique and makes the entire gaming experience more exciting. The players are in the role of a young giraffe called Jeremy who is desperately trying to get away from the evil zookeeper. It seems that this bad zookeeper is very persistent and won’t leave Jeremy alone at any cost. But, the persistent zookeeper is not the only obstacle on this journey. The baby giraffe will have to avoid all the traps found in nature like snakes and weird looking plants that can eat an entire giraffe. Players need to run forward and lean and jump whenever they encounter an obstacle. In addition, you can also glide, dive and even attack enemies. Of course, players will also get the chance to get some coins as they make progress. With the help of these coins you can improve the strengths of this beautiful giraffe – you can buy different protective clothes for example.

What makes Giraffe Adventure special?

As previously mentioned, Giraffe Adventure is one of the many platform games available to mobile users. So, you might be wondering why you should choose this game over the others. Here’s a short list of the best features of Giraffe Adventure.

– Different settings – While you are on the run, you will go through many different beautiful settings like beaches and savannahs.

– Challenges – This game is very challenging because players have the chance to collect coins, stars and use gifts.

– Customization of the game – Players can also create their own levels or edit the existing ones. This means that the number of levels is virtually unlimited.

How can I get Giraffe Adventure?

If you want to download this exciting game you should visit Google Play by using the following link The installation process is smooth and the game doesn’t require much memory.

Pros of this app

– This is a free application that doesn’t require any special permissions

– This game has top notch graphics and interesting sound effects

– This game is attractive for people of all ages

– The gameplay is relatively simple and there are many different challenging levels

– Players can get additional gear as they make progress

Cons of this app

– This game is available only to Android users

Giraffe Adventure is definitely one of the most interesting new platform games in Google Play store. It has the potential to keep you in front of you mobile device for a long period of time.