If you’re a sucker for the salon and can’t wait for your next buzz-cut, you need the Hair Trimmer Clipper App, an authentic sound-bite app that lovingly recreates the gentle hum of a salon hair trimmer. Fire up the app and move towards your friends to terrify them into thinking you’re about to shave off their luscious locks.

Here are 3 great reasons to install the hair trimmer app on your Android device:

  1. It makes a great white-noise substitute

  2. You can scare your Dad and threaten to remove his mustache while he takes a nap

  3. Play it at the barbers and watch them wonder where the noise is coming from


Wives and girlfriends can use this app to hint at their loved ones to get a trim.


Once you get the Hair Trimmer Clipper app, you’ll suddenly become aware of the millions of possiblities that arise for good-natured hilarious pranking. Just consider the possiblities – sneak up on all your friends, set it off while you’re in the library, lurch at your colleague while they’re reading the newspaper – only your imagination is the limit!

Yes, there are in-app adverts, but no other hidden nasties come with this app; it’s really easy to use (just tap the image to start the sound). You can adjust the volume on your device to hear a louder or quieter shaver (increase the volume for more shock-factor when you sneak up on people!).

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 5.07.03 PM

If you’re really bold, we recommend that you hold your phone against the victims head, for added effect. This might not work so well with android tablets; this app is much more phone-friendly.

If you love shaving and getting buzz-cuts, you’ll also love our Top Facts About Hair Trimmers:

  • Hair Trimmers come in many shapes and sizes: some are for nose hair and beards, and others are contoured for scalp use. Other trimmers exist for armpits, legs and other body parts.

  • The electric razor was invented in America in 1928, but the electric hair clipper came first in 1921.

  • The inventor of the electric trimmer, Mathew Andis, created the Andis Clipper Company with his wife Anna in 1922 and the company is still in operation today.

  • Hair trimmer blades are usually crafted from stainless steel.

  • The first manual hair clipper was created in the mid 1800s in Serbia by Nikola Bizumic.

  • It’s not just humans who benefit from hair trimmers; they are very popular with dog groomers and sheep shearers too.


There may be a serious application for the Hair Trimmer Clipper app; if your pet pooch needs to go to the parlor for a trim but they get too scared, then use this app to desensitize them to the sound of the clippers. Play the app sounds then reward your dog with a small edibile treat (not their usual kibble) to create a positive association. This technique may also work on barber-shy babies and children. Perhaps the next big thing will be a dentist drill app for phobic adults!

We think this app is essential for anyone with a keen sense of humour; priced to sell at zero dollars, there’s really no reason not to install it and have some fun. Don’t forget to tell your barber about it too!

Download : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.hairtrimmerclipper&hl=en