Mention math to a young person and you’ll almost certainly be met with a groan. Luckily, the days of slogging through tiny-print textbooks and scratching out equations in chalk on the blackboard are over. For the 21st Century algebra-learner, there’s the new Hands-On Equations App, available on iOS for iPad and iPhone, and Android via the Google Play Store. We’re taking a in-depth look at this educational app to see if the hype adds up.

Who’s this app for?

Algebra comes in all different shapes and sizes, but the Hands-On Equations App is firmly targeted at young children, from ages 8 to 12. That’s not to say adults won’t find the app stimulating; in fact, we think parents will get lots of enjoyment from testing the app out and seeing if they remember what they learned in high school.

Main features

The main selling point of Hand-On Equations is its emphasis on visual learning. Instead of presenting algebraic theory in text format (like a boring school book), each lesson has its own video tutorial to introduce new concepts. Taking full advantage of the iPad and iPhone’s touch-screen capabilities, Hand-On Equations lets the user drag icons around the screen in order to work out equations. As you can see in this video tutorial,, when working out the equation 4x + 5 = 2x + 13, the user drags chess pieces onto a scale to represent the ‘x’ value, and then drags numbers to balance the equation. We think both the visual aspect and the interactive nature of the app tutorials speed up learning and make what can be seen as a very daunting subject a lot of fun.


Feature Overview:

  • Learn algebra the fun way
  • Video tutorials
  • Interactive touch-screen control
  • Emphasis on visual learning
  • Simplifies algebra for beginners

This app won’t make you a rocket scientist, but it definitely helps demistify algebra for young learners, and making a subjest accessible at an early stage could lead to an increased level of enjoyment later on that allows children to take their math skills further and increase their knowledge at school. Priced at only $4.99, Hands-On Equations is very affordable and far cheaper than other mathematics learning programmes available on CD-Rom or as PC downloads. What’s more, the app is tailored to suit the learning habits of the new generation; a generation of users who expect touch-screens and graphical interfaces.

The app is designed by Dr. Henry Borenson at Borenson and Associates, Inc, and comes with a plethora of support materials and resources for parents. With over 30 years’ experience as an educator and a scholar, Dr. Borenson’s expertise has shaped Hands-On Equations. When designing the programme, he emphasised the importance of making abstract concepts, i.e. the ‘x’ in an equation, tangeable to learners, allowing them to use more parts of their brain when working on an equation. Thus, with this approach, it is possible for children as young as 8 (or even younger) to successfully solve algebra that is not taught in schools until much later.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Hands-On Equations App:

  • Makes math more exciting to young learners
  • Simple to follow video instructions
  • Rewarding level progression
  • Affordable pricing
  • Plenty of support and backup material

Verdict: We think this algebra app is ideal for those looking to give their children a head-start in school and avoid math becoming a boring subject. Get the Hands-On Equations App today for only $4.99 from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.