Gameloft’s Heroes of Order & Chaos gradually getting closer to being the mobile version of World of Warcraft…

You are not on your own in Heroes of Order & Chaos. Your team is made up of either live players or the AI controlled bots, and is supplemented by other units that act on their own instinct, therefore much of the game’s core appeal revolves around teaming up with these other parties and creating a solid strategy; I think the World of Warcraft fans will know what I’m talking about here. I must warn you that their are some issues with the online play and it needs to be fixed by Gaameloft if they don’t want Heroes of Order & Chaos  to be yet another multiplayer ghost town.

In Heroes of Order & Chaos it is not just the enemy you will be contending with; the landscape itself  is a challenge, 2 maps may seem like a rather stingy number, but they are quite massive as well as packed with variety.They  feature nooks, crannies & alternative routes, all of which can be explored during the battle to seek out the pockets of resistance; it is quite satisfying to strike out on your own and discover new shortcuts!

The game allows you to pick one of six character classes when you begin your game, and other choices are locked behind a pay-wall,  once you have your hands dirty and put a few opponents to the sword you can make use of the game’s very precise skill tree to add customization to your warrior to suit your own personal taste.

Without me blabbing too much geeky stuff let’s just go to the Bad & the Good:

The Bad:

  • The Match length is not in any way balanced to suit portable gaming(with 3G being an option for connectivity, this feels like a terrible oversight.)
  • The main issue of this game is the Connectivity, that is the bug that I was talking about earlier in the post, Gameloft needs to address this. Most times the connectivity in general makes the game totally unplayable.

The Good:

  • Awesome, beautiful graphics(Gameloft doesn’t let us down there!)
  • Great Controls(I rarely say this when referring to a touch screen game) Multiple forms of controls smoothly merged together make this game a joy to play; that is of course when the play is not ruined by the connectivity bug.
  • Simplified mechanics; which makes it easier for the newcomers to learn but still retains advanced skills such as last-hitting, orb-walking…  which is awesome for veterans to show-off  their prowess.

P.S: I apologize for the lack of screen shots, installed it on a phone that is having some ROM issues 🙁

Generally Heroes of Order & Chaos  is a great game especially for those who wish to experience World of Warcraft on their mobiles, yes I  know the game still  has a long way to go to be regarded as a mobile clone of WoW but maybe some day it just will.

Heroes of Order & Chaos goes is free to download on the Google Play Store.