Traveling, shopping, partying… People are always on the go. We want to experience new things and try other stuff. Living a stagnant and boring life is never a lifestyle we would want. Definitely not here in Softwarelint! This is why we always make sure to have the best services available whenever we’re having the time of our lives. We’re all people here (or are we?) so it’s natural for us to feel some fatigue when we’ve had too much traveling and the likes. Luckily,Hotel Resort World is here to the rescue!

Hotel booking gadget

Hotel Resort World is another app that caught the eye (beautiful; mind you) of Softwarelint. This android app basically serves as your portable hotel booking gadget! With Hotel Resort World; you will never have to worry about getting lost! Wherever you are, you will definitely have a place to stay. searches more than 30 websites like, Expedia,,, Agoda,, Travelocity, and many more to fetch the best prices available for any hotel and resort from our database of over 230,000 destinations spread across 220 countries.

 Find you a place to stay

Imagine that! Just look at the numbers and you’ll surely see how legit this app is! There are more than 230,000 hotelsin their database. This just further solidifies how efficient and convenient this app is. Wherever you are in this world,Hotel Resort World will do its best to find you a place to stay the night. Chances are, they will succeed with that mission.


Not only will you get a place to stay, but you will also get them in great deals! With Hotel Resort World, you are assured to get the best booking deals! What more can you ask for? Did I even mention that this app is ABSOLUTELY FREE? Of course you still have to pay for the hotel costs (duh!), but this app basically makes your life so much easier for the cost of NOTHING.

Hotel Resort World works on android versions 2.1 and up. It’s only 116 kb, so you don’t have to worry with its size. Even if it has 230,000 hotels in its database, it won’t bloat up the size of this app!

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Remember, wherever you are, or wherever you plan on going; make sure to download and install Hotel Resort Worldbefore leaving your home. This app may be your savior in times of trouble!


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