All of us have been in many unpleasant situations where we forgot our security number of our android smartphone and we cannot do anything to fix it in that particular moment, assuming that you bought your smartphone from another country or you just simple want to use it on different GSM network in your country. Well after the android apps with recipes.that we showed to you before, here is now an app where you can unlock your smartphone by code and free your phone again. You may think now this app probably won’t work on my smartphone because you think that your GSM Network is not supported, but you’re wrong, you can use this app with any GSM network around the world. This app also supports many of the world famous brands of smartphones like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Blackberry, Huawei, iPhone and much more.

How to unlock android phone – How it Works

This android app is the safeties and easiest way to unlock your phone. Let’s take for an example that your Samsung smartphone is locked and you want it to unlock it this app is supporting unlocking based on four different methods. First method is unlocking through your phone IMEI number, IMEI number is unique on every phone and you can determine dialing *#06# or check the sticker on the back of your phone under the battery. Second method is through your phone model where you have to provide the brand and the model of your phone, third is trough network and fourth trough country.

After deciding how to unlock android phone from any of above methods you have to send that information and proceed the payment. After sending the information’s of your phone, you’ll receive email that contains number from 8-16 digits who is the unlocking code and all other information’s and steps that you need to follow.

How to unlock android phone – Our View

After the companies deciding to lock the phones, people had to come out with counter attack and that is unlocking. It’s shame if you have a smartphone that can’t work on any other network except the network from where you bought it, working on other network can give you and your phone more freedom. The method of unlocking is simple, it requires no special skills because all you have to do is to send the information of your phone and then enter the number given to you in the replied email.

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