They say that “Time is Gold”. True? Definitely! Time is very valuable to each and every person. Especially now that we are living in a technologically driven age; time becomes MORE important. Luckily, there are very intelligent individuals (or groups) who come up with great innovations that help us manage our time better. Softwarelint is proud to introduce: Gold+.

What is Gold+ ?

 Gold+ is an awesome android app idea that is developed by Martin Gamsby. This android app is without a doubt, one of the best developments for the android phone. Imagine having your own planner on the palm of your hand? With Gold+ you can manage your tasks and goals for the day, the week, or till whenever you want!

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You don’t need to carry a planner with you. Your beloved android phone can be your personal planner. With Gold+ you won’t ever need to worry about getting late in a meeting or forgetting to do a certain task. All you need to do is activate Gold+ and you will never get lost in your schedule again!

Why YOU should get Gold+ ?

 Whether you are a student, a businessman, or a budding internet marketer, Gold+ can help you get over the top! This android app can help you with anything and everything you do. There’s really no reason NOT to download this app. Gold+ aims to do nothing but make your life much easier. This is convenience at its finest! And you know what the best part is?


You read that right! You don’t need to pay a single cent for this app! Just download it and you’re good to go!

Final Thoughts:

Gold+ is a must have android app! Martin Gamsby is one of the best android app developers and this app tells you just why! Gold+ is another example of how technology evolves rapidly. From notebook planners to having it on your own android phone… Who knows what’s next? For now though, enjoy Gold+ because Softwarelint peeps are surely enjoying it!

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