It is a well known fact that music affects the patterns in the brain which has influence on the way neurons develop in the first few years after a child is born. This is exactly why children should listen to quality music at the earliest age. The easiest way to encourage interest in music in your kids is to use a mobile app. Let’s play with Doudou is currently one of the most popular apps on the market.

How does Let’s play with Doudou function?

In its essence this mobile app is used to introduce some of the most popular musical instruments in the world to your children. They can listen to the way piano, flute, trumpets, drums, acoustic guitar and many other instruments sound but that’s not all. Your children will be encouraged to “play” these instruments by simple shaking of the device. In order to make this app more appealing to children, the developer has used a really cute character (a desert fox) that will certainly become one of the favorite animated characters of your kids. This desert fox is surely one interesting music mentor. This is one of the rare apps that make a perfect combination of education with gaming.

Children are also encouraged to sing along to the lyrics that appear on the screen and of course, their parents will have to help them out. This game is really challenging because upon every completion children get a reward in a form of coins. These coins can be later used for buying decorations.

What makes Let’s play with DouDou unique?

You can rarely find a mobile app that has so many unique features like Let’s play with DouDou. Some of the features that this app provides are:

–        Various instruments to play with – There are more than 30 of the most popular instruments in the world available for your children. Xylophone, gong, guitar, drum, trumpet, cymbals and many other instruments are at the player’s disposal.

–        Easy and fun to play with – This is not simply an educational game where you only need to use your finger in order to make progress. Kids are encouraged to shake the device and sing too.

–         Challenging game – Kids receive coins for every completed task and these coins are used for buying decorations and unlocking new levels.

–        Beautiful graphic – The main focus in this game is on the desert fox which guides the players through the game.

Where can I download Let’s play with Doudou?

This app is available in Google Play Store on the following link It is also available for iOS users on the following link The installation is quick and you will need only 38MB of free space to play this game on your device.

Pros of this app

–        It is an educational game

–        It is a free application

–        It has beautiful interface and interesting main character

Cons of this app

–        None

Let’s play with Doudou is definitely one of the most original educational games in Google Play Store.