Hey there Softwarelint peeps! (we should really start thinking of a monicker for you guys). Welcome to another app review that’s not really for YOU, but for your child or younger sibling. KidEbook ltd gives us another option among their fantastic Children Book series. In this review, we will be looking into a classic: The Rabbit and the Turtle.

When it comes to apps that we use for the children, it’s always best that we lean towards educational games or apps. No offense to games such as Angry Birds; but that kind of game isn’t really suitable for young kids. This Children Book by kidEbook is the complete package when it comes to educational apps for the kids. The best thing about this is that you get to try it out before you commit.

This version of Rabbit & Turtle is a “lite” version, which means you’ll get the first 4 pages for free & on the 5th page you’ll get an option to purchase the rest of the educative children book for a very low price.

Interactive kids apps

Fairy tales are one good way to capture a child’s attention and imagination. The Rabbit and the Turtle is an awesome story that will surely keep a child going. Not only will the child be excited and happy with the games and features of this app. He/she will also benefit tremendously because this app is also EDUCATIONAL. What better way for a child to learn, than learning WHILE HAVING FUN.

kidEbook’s interactive kids apps provide a fun, interactive reading experience for the most beloved children’s stories. Packed with engaging, innovative activities, each storybook immediately connects with young children’s imagination and creativity.

Editor’s Overview

You can have more of where this came from by checking http://kidebook.net/. KidEbook LTD offers a variety of apps that aim to nurture and enlighten the minds of the young kids. This app initially doesn’t cost anything. You can try it without spending a single penny. But as you go along, you will have the option to decide whether to continue (by paying a very tiny amount) or stop altogether. Because you’re reading Softwarelint news, it means that you’re smart! And because you are smart, you will of course continue on and pay the small fee.

Dl android Kidebook Presents Children Book: Little Red Lite

It doesn’t hurt to try guys! Download the app now and you definitely won’t regret it.