Softwarelint prides itself in bringing you the best android app reviews day in and day out. This time, we’re going to be giving you a taste of something different! If you have a child or a younger sibling, then you should continue reading on. KidEbook Ltd brings you an exciting and fun filled Children e-Book (not just a regular e-book, mind you) for children ages 2-6 (or beyond!).

This is one of the Children book series that kidEbook ltd produced: “Little Red Riding Hood”. Surely, everyone knows who Little Red Riding hood is! This app is an educational and interactive children book that the kids would surely love. This app contains everything a kid would want in a children book. Gone are the days when kids just listen to their parents read them a story to bed. This time around, the children themselves have the power to read the story and even  be involved in it. Kids will enjoy this because it is interactive and has a lot of games and other activities that they can do aside from reading.

Key Features

Here are the key features that this Children Book (Little Red Riding Hood) offers:*12 pages of story book (First 4 are FREE)

  • Easy to use children E-book
  • Friendly kid E-book
  • Interactive children book that w
  • Children book, story book, classic stories & education games all in one

A Story book

This app is just like a story book, but BETTER! Thanks to the ever advancing technology, reading children books are easier and more fun to do! The children are very engaged in the story reading process as there are a lot of educational games that comes with it.

The child will undoubtedly become smarter thanks to the games that improves a child’s reading comprehension, MATH skills, basic Logic, and motor abilities.

Editor’s Overview

There is absolutely no reason for you not to get this app for your child or younger sibling (or any “kid friend” that you have). You will be doing them a huge favor by downloading this app for them. KidEbook has done a great job in developing Children Book apps like this. This is just one of them! You will be reading more about these Children Book apps here in Softwarelint.

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