It can be argued that Panda’s are one of, if not the most adorable and cutest animals to walk the surface of the Earth. Kids love panda’s; may it be seeing them in the zoo, or even mere pictures of them make children excited. What if your child can actually experience an animated, highly interactive, educational children book at the palm of their hands (or your hands for that matter). Yes! Panda Panda is an exciting app created by kidEbook LTD which is perfectly fit for your Android.

Panda Book

Panda Panda is just one of the many interesting story book apps created by kidEbook LTD. This app was created by the best animators & parental advisers that aims to give your child unique content & experience combined with educational elements & adorable features. There are other selections such as The Rabbit and the Turtle and The Little Red Riding Hood which is also featured here in Softwarelint.

It is best to download all 3 of them, and check out some more apps created by kidEBook LTD by clicking this link:

Panda Panda is an exciting children book that will help your kid grow smarter. It isn’t just an ordinary story book! There are educational games that are part of this app. Your child will have a blast reading and going through all the features of this app.

Editor’s Review

The best part about this is that this can be had FOR FREE. There is a trial period for this app in order to give you a glimpse of what you will be getting before you decide to purchase the full version. The full version gives you access to Page 5 and beyond of the story. This gives you a chance to experience what the app is like before you decide to purchase it. This, in our opinion, is actually a great move by kidEbook because they allow users to test the waters first before jumping in. It is a very professional and classy move by them.

Dl android Kidebook Presents Panda-Panda; Another Exciting Children Book app!

If your child LOVES PANDAS then it’s best to download this app immediately! Panda Panda will be a perfect past time for your growing kid.