Kurosuke Adventure is a new game app for all Android devices. For just $1.99 on the Google Play store, you can play this exciting running game. The plot and challenge of the game is to explore the world of “Reverse” and help the hero in his quest for treasure and to eventually confront the big boss at the end. The hero is a tiny, round black spherical creature who dons an explorer’s hat and other explorer gear for this adventure. The other characters who help along the way, wear their own individual costumes, which convey what kind of skills and weapons they have.

This game can be controlled with very simple handling. This game is considered “one touch,” which means that the player doesn’t need to employ complicated hand or finger motions in order to play at a higher level. Other features of this adventure game include more than 10 kinds of characters, 20 kinds of pets, and 40 different types of cards and achievements. The game is enriched by a cast of characters who help the hero of the game in his quest. Pets add a fun dynamic to the challenge by supporting the hero and telling great stories. An aspect of the game is to find and draw the 40 different kinds of cards, which raise the hero’s ability and power. Your achievement score can be elevated by the over 40 different types of achievements. These challenge the player to think hard and plan the strategy.


The “worlds “ in this game include Hell, Fevertime, and Up Down World. The plot of the game begins with a giant creature attacking the world of the hero. The giant sucks up most of the hero’s friends and family and only a map is left. The hero must use this map to find the giant and battle him in the final levels. Along the way, the hero meets up with other characters who help him in his battles against fierce fire enemies and, of course, the fire breathing giant at the end. Each of the other characters has his own skills, weapons, and abilities, which aid the hero in his endeavors.

For most of the game, the hero runs through the maze picking up golden treasure and stars that offer special abilities and powers. But this app is not just a running game! The more characters, pets, cards, and achievements collected the more complicated the challenge becomes. This app is not yet available on iOS devices, only Android and was created by Appzil. Appzil is the company behind other fun game apps like Fairy_Fantasy, RadioHammer, Head Hammer Soccer HD, and Bricks Breaker – Bros.

Download the app from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamezil.kurosukeadventure